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David was worried now. It was his 12th day in the Hotel. The high expenditure was beginning to pinch him now. 

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The winds of my life!

Large number of hands were clapping now. It sounded a melody to her ears. Tears filled her eyes almost to brim and finally rolled down as she smiled.

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Rupert went against all! It was his decision. And he didn’t listen even to his experienced staff members.

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David woke up to a heavy head. He couldn’t focus. His nausea was at extreme. He got up and managed to reach the Bathroom.

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Dawn to Dusk

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at the setting sun. Florence was a strong woman but the death of her husband has somehow shaken her courage. The feeling of loneliness overtook her. She was alone now.

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A difficult decision!

She was walking for quite a long time now. Lost in herself, unaware of the surroundings. Rosa had decided to explore the nearby forest today, but her mind was engulfed by the wild storm of statements, each one contradictory.

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My life is....

Sitting on a wooden bench under the beautiful white cherry tree, Raven was staring from the corner of his eyes down at the stylish sporty Nike shoes of a seemingly rich guy beside him.

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You are ALIVE!

Rupert was comfortably sitting on his luxurious recliner with a glass of his favourite french burgundy, watching Star Trek on his expensive Bridge home theatre. But his face was beginning to show disinterestedness. His phone rang and he picked up instantly. 

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Innovate and....keep innovating!

Rupert was sitting on a huge comfortable recliner in his magnificent room at the office. A 85 inch TV which happened to be showcasing the Business News till few months back 24/7 was now showing an old comedy film. A knock on the door and Florence entered with a file in her hand.

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Hey, you are a human!

It was an important day for Rupert! He came neatly dressed. Looking at his watch he hurriedly entered his manager’s cabin. When he returned, there was a rage on his face.

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Behind my back?

Florence came out of her Limousine. For a moment her eyes closed and then opened slightly trying to adjust the continuous flashes of light being bombarded on her. Thanks to her guard who has held her hands, she could balance herself. It seemed that she could never get accustomed to the knee slit dress and the high heels. But as soon she looked around, hundreds of people were waiting for her and shouting her name.

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After I Retire!

Raven was looking out of the window watching the seagulls take away their meal one by one. The sea was silent today but the birds were violent and noisy. There was no shore visible, only a vast limitless pool of water, ‘Just like my life’, he thought! Florence put her hand over his shoulders and he turned around. “What are you thinking?”, she asked slowly. Raven took a deep breath and said in a low tone too, “ Weeping at the funeral of our dreams!”.


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Have a book!

Rosa was wandering with her friend Florence in the huge Book Store. Stopping at every book rack and scanning almost every bookshelf, Florence was trying to fill her basket as many books as she can. Rosa, however, was lost in her own web of worries. Her eyes seemed to always be looking somewhere far, wandering searching for some answers. The continuous chattering on books that Florence was sharing didn’t even reach Rosa’s ears.


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It sells!

Raven was looking at the small container on the table. He was performing the cycle of same actions, of thinking and then jotting down the points on his notepad. When David entered the study room, he stood beside Raven and glanced on his notepad. It read, ‘Potential Lies for selling the Skin Cream’

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Love and Care!

Raven and his wife Rosa were traveling back from a long vacation at their parent’s. Rosa was sitting on the window beside Raven looking out at the beautiful route the bus was traveling. Raven, however, ignorant of the artwork outside was snoring heavily. The bus jerked and so did the passengers. Raven opened his eyes slightly. Rosa sensing him being awake said, “I am feeling cold. Left my jacket in the bag itself.” Raven merely made a humming sound and closed his eyes again. Rosa’s heart made a very low disappointment noise and then became lost in admiring the beauty of a flock of sheep passing by.

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Say YES to Happiness!

Rosa dropped her freshly baked cookies in waste bag. They were not as crisp as they were supposed to be. And the sugar was a little less. She started preparing another batch.

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Where is my money?

He was calling his friends and relatively one by one, for almost 2 hours now, desperately wanting to hear a positive reply. But everyone failed him. Even his best friend!

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Organizing? I am too busy for it!

‘She could have been the star performer today’, Rosa thought. But instead, she had became a loser today. Feeling embarrassed and disappointed, she rested her head back on the sit. She could not refrain her mind from hitting the rewind button again and again.

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They met again! All thanks to 'Forgiveness'!

Her daughter’s head was on his laps. She was trying hard to breathe. David kept looking at her and then at the traffic signal. Honking horns were giving more reasons for his heart to pound heavily.

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She was A grader all throughout her graduation. Rosa was happy back then. Now it has been a year, being an employee of one of the best company.

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