Say YES to Happiness!

Rosa dropped her freshly baked cookies in waste bag. They were not as crisp as they were supposed to be. And the sugar was a little less. She started preparing another batch. When she was finished and satisfied by the taste, it was already late afternoon. She cleaned up the kitchen till not a single stain remained. Another hour went by. Then she went ahead with her next task of drying the clothes. She found a light stain in two of them and hand washed them till they were perfectly clean. She had already cleaned the center table but passing by she found some dust and sat to clean it again. The clock rang her bells loudly and showed that it was 7 in the evening.

The doorbell rang. She went to open the door. It was her husband. He tried to hug her but she refrained him. Holding him by shoulders, she exclaimed furiously, “Hey, where did you get those stains on your shirt? It is supposed to be perfectly white. Remove and give it to me right now!” His husband sighed and disappointingly did what she asked for. Till she had finished washing the dishes after dinner and cleaning the the kitchen once again it was already midnight. She was tired but now restful feeling a relief that everything was perfect at the end of day. She was excited to tell his husband of how she had performed her day chore to precision. When she entered the bedroom, the lights were ON and her husband had slept with a book open on his chest. She looked at him for long, suppressing her urge to wake him up. Perhaps he had tried hard to stay awake till she come to bed, she thought. He looked tired and sad even in his sleep. And she realized she wasn’t actually happy herself. In-fact there was not even a single happy moment in the day. She hadn’t had time for herself nor for her family. Only anxiety and desperateness to get things done perfectly!

Where is happiness


Where is my money?

He was calling his friends and relatively one by one, for almost 2 hours now, desperately wanting to hear a positive reply. But everyone failed him. Even his best friend! Already frustrated and tired, he was feeling on verge of extreme anger. How can just everyone say him ‘No’? He was a famous actor after all. The only difference now was he was completely broke. Rupert will be needing money as a beggar now to fulfill even his daily needs. His stardom had left him a long back. He was old now and on verge of bankruptcy. Double tragedy it was and a deadly combination known for destroying life. He banged down the phone furiously and sat down on his luxurious couch.

Everything just had happened so quickly for him. Rupert never had prior intimation that his money was getting smoked so fast till his credit cards were blocked by the bank a today morning. He tried to contemplate what was actually happening. He called up his manager and furiously directed him to mail his old bills to him. A beep on the desktop made him get up the couch and he soon he was opening the bills. As they started making sense, Rupert was almost stunned. His eyes were filled with disbelief. His heart began sinking deep in pool of sadness. It was not a mistake after all, he has truly spent his entire earnings, in millions they were. Instead of living reservedly after his retirement from Hollywood, he has been spending like a king. He remembered his old financial handler David whom he has fired. David always had asked Rupert to live modestly but he would never listen to him. He called David but there was only one reply he could give, “I am sorry Rupert, There is nothing I can do. You have no money to save now!!”


Organizing? I am too busy for it!

‘She could have been the star performer today’, Rosa thought. But instead, she had became a loser today. Feeling embarrassed and disappointed, she rested her head back on the sit. She could not refrain her mind from hitting the rewind button again and again. She experienced utter pain as she remembered how she was scolded like a child today for being an hour late in the meeting. Meeting, that was so important to her. It was her brainchild but somebody else has taken away the credit, just by making an instant presentation on behalf of her. She tried hard to shut down her thoughts machine. She was successful in changing its track. Now there were scenes coming out from her morning regimen today. How helpless and frustrated she was feeling looking at clock running at such a fast pace!

She had worked hard a night before for the presentation and in result put off the morning alarm oversleeping. Every morning she had enough time but today was different, she only had half hour to get ready for an extremely important meeting. She was running from one place to another in her house which seemed to be at such long distances. Florence had pulled her entire cloth collection on ground for searching that one stocking which still remains untraced. She then burnt her finger ironing her only formal skirt. She failed in finding the only pen-drive she had, and had to rush to her neighbor’s house for getting one. Her black stilettos looked shabby and she looked pale. She hasn’t eaten from last night being busy in her presentation. And today she had to leave her home without even a coffee as she had forgotten to bring her groceries that week. Every-time she used to convince her mother about the clutters at home saying that she is a busy and hard working women and hence could not get time to take care of her house and her things. But today she was experiencing failure convincing even herself. A determination began sneaking out of her face and she ran to her home as soon as the cab stopped. Today, her house was going to have a makeover.



They met again! All thanks to ‘Forgiveness’!

Her daughter’s head was on his laps. She was trying hard to breathe. David kept looking at her and then at the traffic signal. Honking horns were giving more reasons for his heart to pound heavily. The lights went green and he sighed some relief. He told his driver to drive faster. His driver nodded his head and tried to increase the speed. But before he could do that, there was a loud bang! David’s head bumped to the front seat, but he managed to hold tight her daughter. When he recovered from the shock, he saw that his driver was already pulled out by the mob. There was a bike lying in front and the biker was down trying to get up. David put her daughter’s head down and told her not to worry. He got out of the car.

As soon as he got out. The mob started shouting at him too. He ignored them and went on to see the injured. He helped him stand up and made him sit on the sidewalk. He helped him take out his helmet. As his face became visible David found it slightly recognizable. The man too now, had come out of the confusion and for the first time saw David’s face. His eyes too widened and he gave a slight smile to David. Now David had no doubts. He knew this man. He was Rupert. They had both met a year ago under almost same circumstances. Only it was Rupert’s bike then and David was the injured. David had immediately resorted to forgiveness, “It is alright friend, you haven’t done anything intentionally. Only be more careful on crossings next time.”. Both of them were brought back to the reality by David’s daughter’s shriek. He said to Rupert “It is my daughter, she is ill critically.” Rupert wasted no moment and stood up determined. Giving no attention to his pain he reached the crowd and cleared them. He directed the driver to go inside the car. As the crowd cleared, David was relieved. The car passed Rupert, David looked at him and both of them were smiling at each other. It was a smile of gratitude!



She was A grader all throughout her graduation. Rosa was happy back then. Now it has been a year, being an employee of one of the best company. She was growing well, but not as well as a girl of her potential should have. Rosa just couldn’t understand what was pulling her behind. She had started feeling a deep hole inside her. But didn’t knew what would fill that up. Lying on her bed she was trying to solve the puzzle of her sadness.She remembered the days of her graduation when she would be super excited and happy on the result day, as if she already knew that she was going to top the class. Where was that confidence now? When did her power of focus lost her? Why has her productivity streak betrayed her? Where has that passion to exceed vanished? No answer!

Frustrated she got up. She wanted something to fulfill her desire of self esteem urgently. She hurriedly went towards the cupboard and took out her academics file. She opened and began turning it, admiringly touching each of her result certificate. As she kept on doing that, she came across a page hidden between her mark sheets. As she turned the page she saw a beautifully sketched women. A rush of excitement went through her. She hurriedly started turning the album for more and found more.  She hurriedly got up and went back to her cupboard and took out her old portrait book. Admiring each one she reached to blank page. To her surprise she felt a strong urge to sketch and went on with it. Next day when she got up she was feeling happier for she had found out her love and passion back again! She got up to get ready for the office. Now everyday she would sketch her way to success!


Hello!! Are you friendly?

David was worried now. It was his 12th day in the Hotel. The high expenditure was beginning to pinch him now. He had to search for the accommodation as soon as possible, he thought. But to his dismay every morning since he shifted to the city, he has been thinking the same thing. It was very hard for a bachelor to get an independent house on rent in such a reserved community. But he needed it, so that he can write peacefully his new novel. He venture out of his room and went to the restaurant. He sat on the bar stool and asked for a beer. As he waited he looked at the person beside him. He seemed to be tensed and lost. David could not control his urge and his friendly nature overtook him. He said turning to the person, “Hello, Friend, My name is David!”.

His smile seemed to be so bright and contagious that the other person too replied with a shy smile “Hi, I am Ron!”. And as the bartender poured beer in their glasses, David started the conversation. When he asked if anything was worrying him, Ron replied, “Yes.. I would be moving out of the city in three days and I wanted to give my house on rent. But nobody seems to take it as it is quite isolated from the city center”. David was smiling now. Ron seemed taken aback by his expression. David said smilingly, “Can we drive to your house, I might be the one you are searching for!”. And then both of them had big friendly laugh together!



The winds of my life!

Large number of hands were clapping now. It sounded a melody to her ears. Tears filled her eyes almost to brim and finally rolled down as Florence smiled. She bowed down and left the stage to seat between the audience. The neighbors congratulated her. She felt happy as she saw the respect in their eyes. There she was now with her name in Magazines and giving motivational talks to people all around the world. As the next speaker took over the stage. The lights went dark and she lost herself in memories. She was now reviewing her struggles through the challenges life has offered her.

Her eyes instantly closed tightly as she remembered the cold night when that unfortunate accident has happened. Florence has lost both her hands at the tender age of 15 years. How she has then ever since learned to do tasks on her own and made it the goal of her life to be independent. It was a big challenge. How she used to read and learn about the stories of inspiring people. How she has used this detour of her life to be her motivation and went on to record every experience and every new learning of her life. And today was the day when she had released third volume of her CD tutorials for those who are suffering with the same disability as hers. Her previous work has already received accolades and admiration from all over the world. It was now her turn to inspire people.


Oops…my mistake!

Rupert went against all! It was his decision. And he didn’t listen even to his experienced staff members. He was blinded by his personal opinions and overconfidence. “After all I have brought up this company for so long. My decisions are always mine.”, he thought and went on to sign the contract. There was disappointment and worry on David’s face now. He was the senior most manager and loved the company as his own. But the decision didn’t surprise him, Rupert has been doing this for years now. He never consulted anyone. Few months later, everyone gathered in the newsroom. It was 30th April, 2016. There was intense tension as they saw their company stocks crashing at a lightening speed. Rupert stood at front, shocked but not panicky. He looked down and gazed at the floor for long, as if he was trying to come to terms with what has just happened. David saw that Rupert took out a pencil and a diary, and wrote something on it. He wondered if Rupert will ever realize his mistake. Days passed by and it was again a major decision day. However everyone as usual knew that they would only be called for briefing the decision being made by Rupert.

David was sitting in his cabin wondering about the contract. His phone rang and his secretary informed him that he was being called at the conference room. It felt weird as Rupert always called the management in his room for conveying the decision. As he reached there, he saw every head of the department was sitting there. Rupert entered and sat on his chair beside David. Greeting everyone with a smile, he said, “I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on this contract. Florence, you can start”. Everyone was surprised but was feeling immensely happy and looked at Rupert with respect as never before. David looked at Rupert as if he was mesmerized by him. As took his gaze down and he saw a open diary page. Rupert has written,

‘Date: 30th April, 2016:

My Mistake: Autonomous Decision

Learning: To consult everybody from now, on important decisions’




David woke up to a heavy head. He couldn’t focus. His nausea was at extreme. He got up and managed to reach the Bathroom. The warm water on his body seemed to be giving him some strength. Wiping out his face, suddenly he was reminded that today his girlfriend’s parents were to come for the brunch. A look at the watch and panic struck him. It was already 11 o’Clock. He went out to the living room. The room looked pretty cleaned up then usual with fresh flowers in the pot. In the kitchen he saw Ron working on some dish.

He went to him and looked at the pot. It was Pasta, wonderfully smelling and almost done. He asked him, “Is anybody going to visit you today?”. Ron replied with a mischievous smile, “Yes, my roommate’s special guests!”. David was surprised. He gave a bright smile of relief and gratitude and hugged Ron instantly. To Ron’s amazement, the hug gave him a sort of energy supply, a positiveness flowing into his body. Ron suddenly started feeling happier. A sense of achievement bloomed inside him. And an enlightening smile spread on his face. He was thinking, ‘How simple it is to earn happiness! As simple as Empathy!’.



Dawn to Dusk.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at the setting sun. Florence was a strong woman but the death of her husband has somehow shaken her courage. The feeling of loneliness overtook her. She was alone now. Alone to take care of her child, alone to accompany her own self in life’s most difficult responsibilities ‘Parenting’. Florence was feeling as if not even a single granule of hope remains inside her. She craved for his husband’s hands who always would hold hers strongly and lovingly. Her desperateness to see him again let her to open the old huge album of her loved memories.

She began turning pages, letting out restrained smiles. As she kept on turning, she not only saw her happy photos with her husband and kid but also her good old days when she used to work. Her super cool colleagues, her ever admiring boss, her work desk which she always kept clean and decorated. She loved her work. She began to feel the excitement and the same adrenaline rush as she used to, every morning going to work. The sun was coming up and the light slowly began spreading around her in the room. She looked at the sun and said ‘Good Morning, my new life’. Florence now knew exactly what she needed to do in her life. At-least she now had hope by her side!