Behind my back?

Florence came out of her Limousine. For a moment her eyes closed and then opened slightly trying to adjust the continuous flashes of light being bombarded on her. Thanks to her guard who has held her hands, she could balance herself. It seemed that she could never get accustomed to the knee slit dress and the high heels. But as soon she looked around, hundreds of people were waiting for her and shouting her name. Her star personality took over. Her confidence reached its high and she smiled waving to all her fans. She then gave a walk to wow for and reached the party hall with such a gracious and seducing aura that everyone in the party had their eyes fixed on her. A bunch of profound music directors now seemed to be coming from all directions towards her.

She kept on meeting them and pretending to listen to all their flattery. Talking with one of the composers, she took a glass of wine in her hand. As she sipped it, the conversation fell in the background with sound now fading for her. Florence was just happy listening to her own heart’s happiness harmony. Suddenly a distinct but a known voice crossed her ears and the alert signal awakened her mind. The words were reaching her, “She is really a talented singer. You know I have known her since her childhood. I and her father are really good friends. It was even I who had advised her father to let her join the musical academy.”

Florence turned back pretending to keep the glass on waiter’s tray. Her eyes confirmed her that he was Uncle Raven. She can never forget his peculiar croaky voice. It was the same uncle Raven who a few years back prior to her stardom, made Florence run out from the party all in tears and embarrassment. That day too, she had overheard him but the only difference was he was mocking her skills and chose to ignore her presence. Today her eyes met his, and he tried to smile looking desperate to talk to her but now it was her turn to ignore him.


After I Retire!

Raven was looking out of the window watching the seagulls take away their meal one by one. The sea was silent today but the birds were violent and noisy. There was no shore visible, only a vast limitless pool of water, ‘Just like my life’, he thought! Florence put her hand over his shoulders and he turned around. “What are you thinking?”, she asked slowly. Raven took a deep breath and said in a low tone too, “ Weeping at the funeral of our dreams!”.

He stopped and looked at Florence, she only seemed to be confused for a second and then her face showed empathy too. “If only we would have not waited for the retirement and enjoyed our life back then as well. Compromising those vacations, those fun moments, everything for the retirement has robbed us of our dreams.” Florence wasn’t listening to him now. It has always been painful to talk to Raven these days. And then she pulled his wheelchair back and carried him to the breakfast table.


Have a book!

Rosa was wandering with her friend Florence in the huge Book Store. Stopping at every book rack and scanning almost every bookshelf, Florence was trying to fill her basket as many books as she can. Rosa, however, was lost in her own web of worries. Her eyes seemed to always be looking somewhere far, wandering searching for some answers. The continuous chattering on books that Florence was sharing didn’t even reach Rosa’s ears.

Her baby business was not able to bloom but her bill amounts seemed ever blooming. She loved her bakery café but her customers were only a few although regular. She knew everything was just perfect but may be the location was hiding the shop. Rosa had no budget for advertising, what she had was only the way of working on word of mouth tactic. Suddenly she stepped on someone’s foot. The ‘ouch’ came out loud and she was transported to back to the bookstore.

She was shocked and sorry at the same time. Apologizing immediately she looked at Florence, who was looking the embarrassed as well. She pinched Rosa and scolded her, “Where were you lost? I am trying to tell you about something so important and you are not even listening!” Rosa made a sorry expression and said, “I am sorry, please continue.” Florence delighted immediately started flashing the book in her hand and said, “You know what, I have read this book, and it’s amazing!” When Rosa saw the book’s cover, it read, ‘A freeway to online marketing for small businesses.’  A few moments later Rosa was billing for the book!


It sells!

Raven was looking at the small container on the table. He was performing the cycle of same actions, of thinking and then jotting down the points on his notepad. When David entered the study room, he stood beside Raven and glanced on his notepad. It read, ‘Potential Lies for selling the Skin Cream’ and there were bullet points below it almost reaching the end of the page now.  David was confused and asked, “What are you doing?” Raven answered, “Just writing the sell points for the cream I have assigned to sell. Need to sell 50 units in 2 days.” “But these are all lies you are writing.” “Yes, lying works here. Rupert does the same and taught me the technique too!. He is a genius in selling stuff, our number one seller of the month.”

Suddenly the doorbell rang and David went to the door. He opened the door and smiled at the girl standing there. But she refused to smile back. There was a rage on her face and she hurriedly headed to the study room. She started yelling as soon as she saw Raven sitting on the work desk, “You cheater, you said me you were sick yesterday….but instead were enjoying Rocky’s party? I had prep up so much for yesterday’s date…you liar! I would never have come to know of it if I haven’t had met rocky today! I hate you..!” And before Raven could open his mouth she had disappeared. David who was standing outside listening everything was now by Raven’s side. Raven looked to him and said, “I didn’t mean to hurt her..I..I just wanted to enjoy my time with my friends.”. David replied smiling slightly, “Probably you missed the important part that Rupert is number one loser in relationships!”


Love and Care!

Raven and his wife Rosa were traveling back from a long vacation at their parent’s. Rosa was sitting on the window beside Raven looking out at the beautiful route the bus was traveling. Raven, however, ignorant of the artwork outside was snoring heavily. The bus jerked and so did the passengers. Raven opened his eyes slightly. Rosa sensing him being awake said, “I am feeling cold. Left my jacket in the bag itself.” Raven merely made a humming sound and closed his eyes again. Rosa’s heart made a very low disappointment noise and then became lost in admiring the beauty of a flock of sheep passing by. After a long time, finally Raven woke up to the continuous honking going on, he looked around and saw that the bus had struck the traffic. As he was looking from side to side, his eyes saw the old couple sitting beside them. They seemed to have a radiant smile and were chatting with each other slowly. Their excitement was perceived by Raven as similar to two little girls gossiping. He restrained himself for few seconds to gaze at them. But then he gave up and looked at them again.

There was something very vibrant about their interactions. They looked so happy and of course very much in love. For a change, Raven was beginning to experience a desire building up in his heart. His mind called him up and said aloud, “Maybe you too want a happy relationship. You haven’t given it a thought from a long time with zero efforts towards it!” And soon the thought was silenced by the front view. He saw the old man getting up and moving towards the driver, he muttered something to him and the driver stopped the bus. The man went outside and there were some noises of thuds and bangs. When he came back in, Raven saw a shawl in his hands and a what looked like a medicine box. The bus started and he returned back to his seat but before sitting he draped around the shawl on his wife and served her water as she took the medicines. Raven was now feeling embarrassed. He was fearing if Rosa had noticed them. When he slowly looked from the corner of his eyes towards Rosa, he was relieved to find her asleep. The next thing he did was to pull down his bag from the upper cabin and take out his Jacket!