After I Retire!

Raven was looking out of the window watching the seagulls take away their meal one by one. The sea was silent today but the birds were violent and noisy. There was no shore visible, only a vast limitless pool of water, ‘Just like my life’, he thought! Florence put her hand over his shoulders and he turned around. “What are you thinking?”, she asked slowly. Raven took a deep breath and said in a low tone too, “ Weeping at the funeral of our dreams!”.

He stopped and looked at Florence, she only seemed to be confused for a second and then her face showed empathy too. “If only we would have not waited for the retirement and enjoyed our life back then as well. Compromising those vacations, those fun moments, everything for the retirement has robbed us of our dreams.” Florence wasn’t listening to him now. It has always been painful to talk to Raven these days. And then she pulled his wheelchair back and carried him to the breakfast table.


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