Behind my back?

Florence came out of her Limousine. For a moment her eyes closed and then opened slightly trying to adjust the continuous flashes of light being bombarded on her. Thanks to her guard who has held her hands, she could balance herself. It seemed that she could never get accustomed to the knee slit dress and the high heels. But as soon she looked around, hundreds of people were waiting for her and shouting her name. Her star personality took over. Her confidence reached its high and she smiled waving to all her fans. She then gave a walk to wow for and reached the party hall with such a gracious and seducing aura that everyone in the party had their eyes fixed on her. A bunch of profound music directors now seemed to be coming from all directions towards her.

She kept on meeting them and pretending to listen to all their flattery. Talking with one of the composers, she took a glass of wine in her hand. As she sipped it, the conversation fell in the background with sound now fading for her. Florence was just happy listening to her own heart’s happiness harmony. Suddenly a distinct but a known voice crossed her ears and the alert signal awakened her mind. The words were reaching her, “She is really a talented singer. You know I have known her since her childhood. I and her father are really good friends. It was even I who had advised her father to let her join the musical academy.”

Florence turned back pretending to keep the glass on waiter’s tray. Her eyes confirmed her that he was Uncle Raven. She can never forget his peculiar croaky voice. It was the same uncle Raven who a few years back prior to her stardom, made Florence run out from the party all in tears and embarrassment. That day too, she had overheard him but the only difference was he was mocking her skills and chose to ignore her presence. Today her eyes met his, and he tried to smile looking desperate to talk to her but now it was her turn to ignore him.


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