Hello!! Are you friendly?

David was worried now. It was his 12th day in the Hotel. The high expenditure was beginning to pinch him now. He had to search for the accommodation as soon as possible, he thought. But to his dismay every morning since he shifted to the city, he has been thinking the same thing. It was very hard for a bachelor to get an independent house on rent in such a reserved community. But he needed it, so that he can write peacefully his new novel. He venture out of his room and went to the restaurant. He sat on the bar stool and asked for a beer. As he waited he looked at the person beside him. He seemed to be tensed and lost. David could not control his urge and his friendly nature overtook him. He said turning to the person, “Hello, Friend, My name is David!”.

His smile seemed to be so bright and contagious that the other person too replied with a shy smile “Hi, I am Ron!”. And as the bartender poured beer in their glasses, David started the conversation. When he asked if anything was worrying him, Ron replied, “Yes.. I would be moving out of the city in three days and I wanted to give my house on rent. But nobody seems to take it as it is quite isolated from the city center”. David was smiling now. Ron seemed taken aback by his expression. David said smilingly, “Can we drive to your house, I might be the one you are searching for!”. And then both of them had big friendly laugh together!



The winds of my life!

Large number of hands were clapping now. It sounded a melody to her ears. Tears filled her eyes almost to brim and finally rolled down as Florence smiled. She bowed down and left the stage to seat between the audience. The neighbors congratulated her. She felt happy as she saw the respect in their eyes. There she was now with her name in Magazines and giving motivational talks to people all around the world. As the next speaker took over the stage. The lights went dark and she lost herself in memories. She was now reviewing her struggles through the challenges life has offered her.

Her eyes instantly closed tightly as she remembered the cold night when that unfortunate accident has happened. Florence has lost both her hands at the tender age of 15 years. How she has then ever since learned to do tasks on her own and made it the goal of her life to be independent. It was a big challenge. How she used to read and learn about the stories of inspiring people. How she has used this detour of her life to be her motivation and went on to record every experience and every new learning of her life. And today was the day when she had released third volume of her CD tutorials for those who are suffering with the same disability as hers. Her previous work has already received accolades and admiration from all over the world. It was now her turn to inspire people.


Oops…my mistake!

Rupert went against all! It was his decision. And he didn’t listen even to his experienced staff members. He was blinded by his personal opinions and overconfidence. “After all I have brought up this company for so long. My decisions are always mine.”, he thought and went on to sign the contract. There was disappointment and worry on David’s face now. He was the senior most manager and loved the company as his own. But the decision didn’t surprise him, Rupert has been doing this for years now. He never consulted anyone. Few months later, everyone gathered in the newsroom. It was 30th April, 2016. There was intense tension as they saw their company stocks crashing at a lightening speed. Rupert stood at front, shocked but not panicky. He looked down and gazed at the floor for long, as if he was trying to come to terms with what has just happened. David saw that Rupert took out a pencil and a diary, and wrote something on it. He wondered if Rupert will ever realize his mistake. Days passed by and it was again a major decision day. However everyone as usual knew that they would only be called for briefing the decision being made by Rupert.

David was sitting in his cabin wondering about the contract. His phone rang and his secretary informed him that he was being called at the conference room. It felt weird as Rupert always called the management in his room for conveying the decision. As he reached there, he saw every head of the department was sitting there. Rupert entered and sat on his chair beside David. Greeting everyone with a smile, he said, “I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on this contract. Florence, you can start”. Everyone was surprised but was feeling immensely happy and looked at Rupert with respect as never before. David looked at Rupert as if he was mesmerized by him. As took his gaze down and he saw a open diary page. Rupert has written,

‘Date: 30th April, 2016:

My Mistake: Autonomous Decision

Learning: To consult everybody from now, on important decisions’




David woke up to a heavy head. He couldn’t focus. His nausea was at extreme. He got up and managed to reach the Bathroom. The warm water on his body seemed to be giving him some strength. Wiping out his face, suddenly he was reminded that today his girlfriend’s parents were to come for the brunch. A look at the watch and panic struck him. It was already 11 o’Clock. He went out to the living room. The room looked pretty cleaned up then usual with fresh flowers in the pot. In the kitchen he saw Ron working on some dish.

He went to him and looked at the pot. It was Pasta, wonderfully smelling and almost done. He asked him, “Is anybody going to visit you today?”. Ron replied with a mischievous smile, “Yes, my roommate’s special guests!”. David was surprised. He gave a bright smile of relief and gratitude and hugged Ron instantly. To Ron’s amazement, the hug gave him a sort of energy supply, a positiveness flowing into his body. Ron suddenly started feeling happier. A sense of achievement bloomed inside him. And an enlightening smile spread on his face. He was thinking, ‘How simple it is to earn happiness! As simple as Empathy!’.



Dawn to Dusk.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at the setting sun. Florence was a strong woman but the death of her husband has somehow shaken her courage. The feeling of loneliness overtook her. She was alone now. Alone to take care of her child, alone to accompany her own self in life’s most difficult responsibilities ‘Parenting’. Florence was feeling as if not even a single granule of hope remains inside her. She craved for his husband’s hands who always would hold hers strongly and lovingly. Her desperateness to see him again let her to open the old huge album of her loved memories.

She began turning pages, letting out restrained smiles. As she kept on turning, she not only saw her happy photos with her husband and kid but also her good old days when she used to work. Her super cool colleagues, her ever admiring boss, her work desk which she always kept clean and decorated. She loved her work. She began to feel the excitement and the same adrenaline rush as she used to, every morning going to work. The sun was coming up and the light slowly began spreading around her in the room. She looked at the sun and said ‘Good Morning, my new life’. Florence now knew exactly what she needed to do in her life. At-least she now had hope by her side!


A difficult decision!

She was walking for quite a long time now. Lost in herself, unaware of the surroundings. Rosa had decided to explore the nearby forest today, but her mind was engulfed by the wild storm of statements, each one contradictory. She had to convey her final decision by tomorrow morning. It was a big opportunity for her but the company was in New York. It meant shifting not only to other country but altogether to a new continent, where there was no one she could call her own. She was afraid. It was going to be a huge change. It was not until her sandal broke that she realized she had forgotten to put on her shoes for the walk. The path was full of stones and mud. She looked around and found that the forest was really dense there. She removed her sandals and began to walk. It was getting difficult for her now. She stopped and was thinking that should she return back or not, when she heard a slow sound of flowing water. The musical sound drew her towards it and she resumed her walk again.

Stones were now beginning to make their mark on her feet but she continued whatsoever. After a long walk, the darkness started reducing and she saw an opening from the trees. A crystal blue floor caught her attention. She paced faster and when she reached there she was awestruck. A small waterfall had emerged out of the cracks of mountains giving way to the a fast flowing stream. The water was beautifully blue. There were numerous flowers of such amazing colors that her heart felt astonishment and happiness at the same time. She sat down at a rock there and put her feet in the flowing water. It was only when she looked down at her feet, she realised that blood was flowing from many places. The path has pricked and injured them. But she didn’t care, for if she would have gone back, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience this heaven. She was feeling a sense of achievement and pride. She was now ready with her decision. Rosa was going to say ‘YES’ tomorrow!



Sitting on a wooden bench under the beautiful white cherry tree, Raven was staring from the corner of his eyes down at the stylish sporty Nike shoes of a seemingly rich guy beside him. His gaze shifted from shoes to the super expensive looking watch. He then sat back and looked upwards closing his eyes and let out a long breath. The sadness was dawning on his face. He felt as if satisfaction will never be holding his hands! He sensed some movements besides him, but chose to kept his eyes closed and continue with his thoughts. Then suddenly he felt a hands on his shoulder and heard a voice, “Excuse me”. He opened his eyes and saw that there was a different man sitting besides him. Raven questioned him, feeling a little irritated by the interruption, “Yes?”. The man answered, “Can you call that man in yellow T shirt?” .

Raven looked at the direction, the man seemed to be quite at a distance, buying some corns from the stall. Already in a bad mood, he looked at the man weirdly and asked, “Why can’t you do that yourself, I am in no mood to walk that long”. The man said a little nervously sensing Raven’s anger, “Oh, it is alright. Actually I can’t walk and he is my caretaker”. Raven’s mouth dropped as his eyes went down towards the man’s leg. He had no feet and there at some distance was a wheelchair. He felt embarrassed for his words and said to the man,” Hey I am sorry. I didn’t notice that. I will call him”. He got up and went towards the man. As he returned he stood there seeing how the helpless man was transferred to the wheelchair by his caretaker. The man smiled and thanked him. Raven stood their for as long as he could see the man in the wheelchair going away. He once again looked up and closed his eyes. Only this time he had a wide smile on his face as he thanked God!

My life...

You are A-LIVE, So is your purpose!

Rupert was comfortably sitting on his luxurious recliner with a glass of his favorite french burgundy, watching Star Trek on his expensive Bridge home theater. But his face was beginning to show disinterestedness. His phone rang and he picked up instantly. It was from his company’s CEO telling that his company has profited hugely this year. He felt a surge of happiness. He was now retired with nothing but to observe his company’s progress. He remembered his good old days when his life was full of excitement, when he tried hard to bring his company to the highs of market, when he would craft strategies to achieve those large number revenues, when there was a purpose to his life. Suddenly the jerk of that happiness faded away.

The intense realisation of his boring life took over. He moved his eyes all over the room admiring his grand empire, but this no more made him feel adrenaline rush of excitement. On an impulse, he paused the movie and put on the news channel. What he saw was heart wrenching, 100s of malnourished children were being shown, some dying a horrific slow death. Raven always had empathy for poor children. He felt immense sadness and in frustration changed the channel. This time a man seemed to be delivering some kind of lecture. He was about the change the channel again, when he heard, “Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you are alive, it isn’t.” Raven remembered reading this famous quote by Richard Bach. As the words started making sense his face let out a bright smile. Raven now knew the new purpose of his life!


Innovation, a necessity?

Rupert was sitting on a huge comfortable recliner in his magnificent room at the office. A 85 inch TV which happened to be showcasing the Business News till few months back 24/7 was now showing an old comedy film. A knock on the door and Florence entered with a file in her hand. She was 2 years old to the office but had quickly rose up the role of Chief Technical Officer. She said loudly trying to catch her CEO’s attention “Rupert, I need to talk to you on some important stuff. Our research department has come up with some fabulous idea of upgrades on our app.” Rupert looked at her disinterestedly and then looked back at the TV screen. An old comedy film was going on. Florence remembered how the same TV screen used to flash Business News all throughout the day. Rupert took his own time, a long one… to open his mouth and said, “What is the need for upgrades now, the app is already topping the charts. We will look into the innovation part some other time!” Florence was disappointed and she also felt an anger inside her triggered. Months went by and the sales dropped, however Rupert was not very keen on the reinvention as still the sales were enough for him. The blind aura of success had taken over him.

That day Rupert sat beside Florence while she was looking down at papers of Bankruptcy the company has filed. He seemed lost even in the noisy environment of Press Conference settling in. Florence muttered to him with a slight rage and immense disappointed looks, “You should have given acceptance of new upgrades to our app when I came for it”. Rupert looked at her suddenly. His eyes sparkling and gradually widening. He gave a slight smile. His face was now acquired by confidence from an unknown resource. He looked enlightened. Florence was taken aback by his weird expression. He took the mike closer to him and said “I might have failed this venture of my life but I have learnt a magic formula from it. ‘Always keep innovating!’”. There was a smile slowly widening on Florence’ face too.


Hey Human, do you have humanity?

It was an important day for Rupert! He came neatly dressed. Looking at his watch he hurriedly entered his manager’s cabin. When he returned, there was a rage on his face. It was depicting frustration and anger. Slightly watery eyes were expressing his disappointment. He sat on his chair and began thumping the keys on keyboard loudly. Florence looked at him. One look and she knew something has went very wrong. She kept one hand on his shoulder and said “It is alright Rupert. It cannot be that every time you score a 5 in your appraisal. You are one of our best and you will always be!”. He looked at her surprisingly. It was a long gaze with several questions and reactions confusing his mind.

The previous day flashed in front of his eyes. ‘Florence was weeping making low sounds. Sitting beside her, he had ignored her and instead had left for home without a word with her.’ Finally he reacted as he felt a genuine comfort and said “ Thanks. No need to worry. Anyways how did you know?”. She said a little taken aback “Oh, I saw your name on the appraisal time table and guessed!”. And she gave a beautiful smile to him. Rupert found himself unknowingly nodding and giving her an even brighter smile.

When he turned back to his screen, he saw that his screen saver has changed. It showed number of robots sitting beside each other and working with a title ‘Is this the future?’. He gave out a loud laugh nodding negatively. Florence asked him amusingly “What happened?”. Rupert looked at her and said, “Nothing, Let us take a coffee break!”. And they walked together towards the cafeteria.