Sshhh….Marilyn is whispering her beauty secrets!

Every beauty aspiring girl have at least once looked, at the famous Marilyn’s flying skirt vintage photo and had dreamed of having such an iconic beauty. You must have too! Marilyn Monroe is and will always be one of the most awe-inspiring beauties in the world. A lot of it came from her undefied confidence and boldness, but there were some really amazing beauty secrets, that kept awake many men for nights during her raging times and even now! She was idolised then and will always be remembered for her timeless beauty! I am a big fan of hers and always aspired to achieve her beauty, but beauty is part of your personality, you inner strengths and your very human nature that is hard to copy! What I managed was to gather her magical beauty tips for our outer beauty. And alas, they are super easy and super effective! I am spilling them out for you my lady loves. Try to adopt them in your beauty regimen because if though you all may not trust me, at least you trust Marilyn’s beauty right? Even though let me encourage you first….

giphy (1)

Now, are you all ready to hear her beauty secrets, of course you will be! Let us start:

1) You must have noticed the glow on her skin, which made her suddenly distinctive from all others. She is actually famed and revered for this radiant glow on her face. What was the secret behind this? Well a really simple idea, she used a hormone cream! Yes, she used to apply PHelityl Cream on her face. And then she used to put another layer of powder foundation on top of it. This was the formula behind her shining face. You can achieve it too, but with a much simpler and more healthier way of mixing a pearlescent primer and a liquid foundation and then applying it on your face!


2) Her eyes makeup was really elemental in enhancing her beauty. Marilyn used an unusual way of making her eyes more attractive. It was later known to be her trademark idea. She used her signature style of a double cat eye accentuated with white eyeliner. She applied a white pencil liner to her inner eye water line! How simple!

3) She was a sleeping beauty. Yes, she truly believed that sleep do wonders to the skin. And this is even what I myself has experienced. The first thing she did was to cleanse her face with simple hot water before going to bed. She loved to sleep in a extra large bed under a big heavy comforter for at least between 5-10 hours and even some extra hours on holidays.

giphy (16)

4) She loved Vaseline! Yes, she considered Vaseline to be an ultimate moisturiser for her skin and never ever forgot to apply the first thing on her face before applying any other makeup! It not only formed the base of her makeup, but she also used it to highlight her cheekbones and brow bones.

5) She had a fad for sparkling eye lids! She believed it to be a way of making her eyes more sexy. She applied a little dab of vaseline or even a worked them up with drops of coconut oil to make them look shimmering. And I love this trick too! It really give your lids a wet finish look.


6) She maintained her body figure by adopting to weight training regimen. This enabled her to stay fit and in perfect shape. She also preferred a high protein diet. She used to drink hot milk with two raw eggs whipped into it, as her morning breakfast! You can do it too gals, for that perfect body!

7) She loved puffed and fuller lips! And to make them appear so, she would ask her makeup artist to apply at least 5 shades of lipsticks. She preferred darker shades on the outer corners and lighter shades hued up on the middle of the lips. She would then have a gloss put up on them, at last. And what wonderful effect did this trick of hers created. Have a look…


Isn’t she perfectly beautiful woman? And we all love her not only for her beauty, but for her acting skills, the dream she showed to thousands of women then, to have self confidence and self esteem. She is an empowering woman idol for all of us. And we can at the very least try her experienced beauty tips! So are you ready for becoming the next beauty queen with these simple tips?

The Truth behind the Shrewd


Sometimes he is called the mastermind of Kurukshetra, sometimes he is refereed as the villain of Mahabharata, he is Shakuni. Famously called Shakuni Mama. But this extremely intelligent and wicked man has a gruelling history behind him which explains a lot about his behaviour and strategic formulations. Though a devilish mind he has his reasons to carve out the entire Mahabharata by brain feeding his nephew Duryodhana. Let us get today deep into his interesting and a rarely heard story.

Shakuni was born to the King Subala of Gandhara. He had 100 brothers and was the youngest amongst them. His sister who later went on to become wife of Dhritarashtra had some Dosha or fault in her Marriage Kundli. It was said that whoever she would marry first will die after the marriage. And so she was married to a goat first which was sacrificed after. Later when Bhishma Pitamah brought the proposal of Dhritrashtra for her, she got married to him. However Shakuni never approved of the marriage of her sister to a blind king and was angry with Bhishma Pitamah for bringing such a proposal.

The fact that Gandhari was first married to a goat and was a widow came to light before Dhritarashtra after marriage. He could not take on the fact that he was her second husband and decided to punish the Gandhari’s family. He imprisoned her entire family along with the King Subala and starved them gradually. With a very meagre diet each of them knew that none of them would be able to survive long. And so they decided to give each of their portions of meal to their youngest brother brother Shakuni so that he could survive to take their revenge. Also to ensure that he didn’t forget the avenge he twisted Shakuni’s leg and we still remember his famous limping walk. The King requested Dhritrashtra to let go Shakuni and promised him that he would be taking care of his sons, The Kauravas. Dhritrashtra took pity and saved Shakuni.

Shakuni had also prepared a dice using the bones of his father and it is said that this Dice had magical abilities as his father’s soul resided in it. The same Dice was later used by shakuni to win the game with Pandavas. He never forgot to take a revenge and every moment he was with Dhritarashtra’s sons, he tried to gain their trust. Eventually he became their confidante. He instilled hatred and anger for Pandavas in Kaurava’s mind. He constantly brainwashed Duryodhana and prepared the Kauravas to fight against Pandavas knowing that Kauravas would never be able to win the battle and would vanish in the war. And we all know for what happened in the war of Kurukshetra. Shakuni even on the losing side emerged successful in taking his revenge.

Look for Higher Purpose!


Placing each finger after a long pause, Raven was thinking, when would the last hour pass. After every word he glanced at the clock. Finally switching off the screen, he laid back on chair and thought ‘Anyways I am going to get salary. There can be no work as uninteresting and meaningless as this!’ Suddenly he saw his manager entering the floor, and number of people dressed in country styled clothes, each carrying boxes, followed him. He jumped in his chair and switched on the screen, pretending to work. The Manager clapped and all heads turned towards him. The silence roared as everyone looked with curiosity towards the strangers. The manager then said aloud with a wide grin “Hey all from Agri-Help App Development team, here are your delighted customers, our very own farmers. They have come here to thank all of you for providing them with such a useful app. Please accept there small gifts of fruits fresh from their farms.” Raven looked with eyes wide open as one of the farmers reached him and gave him the fruit box. The expression of gratitude on the farmer’s face astonished Raven and then slowly, a vivacious bright smile spread on Raven’s face, as if he just now attained enlightenment!

How to leave your job and join your Passion? (Part 1)

In my previous blog I told you that how working on a job that you dislike, will spoil your life. Please read out my previous blog ‘Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)’ before reading this one out. I have been stressing on adopting your passion as your job. But the question is, how you can do that? I am gonna answer you, but the answer will differ for each person, since the scenario with everyone is different. I will try my best. And please take a note that this blog is only for those people who dislike or hate the work they do and not for someone who loves to do his job but just want to leave because of workplace pressure or boss bullying or so on. Get the thin line of difference between both, because the answers to both the problems are really different. Today, the blog is for those who hate their job but even doesn’t know what their passion is (Also my personal experience on this, since I was the one in this very category). Are you direction-less just like them?

Firstly, you should know what you love doing and should be really passionate about the stuff. If you know it, very well! But if you don’t know then it is the most difficult part. Do not leave your job unless you find out your own passion, I mean that is the basis. You have to follow your office regime and give yourself a lot of ‘me time’. You have to do a lot of self thinking, knowing your likes and dislikes, your capabilities and so on. Do not even directly go to some career counselor. You must first think of what you really love because career counselor may tell you something which is a lot dependent on your already tried and tested abilities, and not what you love and your capabilities. If you think that it is really becoming hectic, then take a break from work, go to some relaxing place and do some introspection, it is the best time you can invest in yourself.

You will get it, believe me. Go back in your life think of what made you happy, what you think you are best at and that one thing that gives you not only happiness but makes you feel proud and confident too. And even still, if you are experiencing void, then take help of your friends and families. And then still if no 🙁 then you can go to a career counselor, at least he will put some choices in front of you, but that will start a try and test game. If you want to live your life happily you need to take this hard path and invest in yourself.


I know how difficult it is for directionless people to decide on their career, because I was the one amongst them too. In fact, I think I was the worst case 😉 I did computers in High School, Electronics Engineering in Graduation, Worked for a software company, left the job after finding I hate it and joined a 2 year MBA post-graduation course in Human Resources, only to find out that I am even not interested in it. Then I tried Entrepreneurship having my own online fashion store which I sort of really love even today. In fact we all love when we have something of our own, howsoever small it is.

Due to lack of resources and as I didn’t wanted to invest a lot, I wrote myself all the content on the website even the descriptions of my clothes in such a way so that it would catch the customer’s attention. It was then, that I realised, what I am really passionate about, is writing. It was a bling and I went back in flashback where I remembered that writing was always what i loved even from school days. I really loved to write long essays and I would be delighted if the topic was what I haven’t learned because that gave me a whole lot of freedom to induce my creativeness into it. It was always there! I loved to write speeches, hosting scripts and I love reading too in fact I am crazy about novels and often used to think if i ever can write one too. I was always good in english and had my hands on grammar and spellings. These all realisations, although it came very late, but lead me to choose my final career which is also my passion. I am a writer now doing freelancing for many clients. Although, I worked hard for building my portfolio first and being really active in social media, having 2 of my own blogs and many such things which showcased my abilities to write. And after this, it was very easy for me to get work and today I earn good.

Let us end here and I will have the rest covered in my next blogs for you already must have got tired listening my personal story ;):) So people, just don’t let go, if you don’t know what you would really love to do, try try till you succeed. There is certain kind of fun and excitement even in adopting hard paths! If you want to lead a happy life and the one which you will never regret and be proud, search within yourselves for that fire and passion with all your best, and you will get a sweet fruity result for sure! ;):) Take care and keep following my blogs as next one will be a very important one.

Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)

Hey all! Expecting a quite a large number of audience 🙂 Many of us hate what we are doing! Yes, and that is why I had come to the conclusion most of them hate their lives too!

Now why is that? It is because most of the time we spend on our job or either thinking about our job even at non duty hours. So what we are doing is simply destroying one whole of our lifetime! And I really don’t know if that reincarnation stuff is right ;).

But, most of you will be thinking ‘we cannot leave our jobs, we have to earn our livelihood. How can we survive without doing what we are doing?’. He He! Are you all saying that your profession wasn’t your choice or whether there was no other option available for you to earn your living? Hey people, your profession was your own choice, your own decision, there might be some influencers or enforcers, but the decision was yours. Right? So who is stopping you from changing your own decision. Nobody in the world have that authority!

You are what you choose to become! Once again quoting that famous quote ‘You make your own destiny!’ You all must had have passions in life, before you got into this boring routine life. But passions can not be easily converted into something which will give you great earnings easily and so you all chose a path which was simple. If you could have mustered enough courage to pursue your passion, you wouldn’t have been in this condition, although at time it would have taken a lot of hard work. But that would have been a sure shot success because you become excellent in what you have passion for and remember success always follows excellence!

But, today is present and we all need to try to improve it, for our better future. The path would not be that easy but certainly after that big rough path you will have a smooth road to travel all throughout your life with of course little hiccups which are necessary too 🙂

I would be providing you with all the motivation, encouragement and ways to pursue your passions. Some specific guidance would also be provided relevant to my passions 😉

This all and much more in my next blog. ‘How to leave your job and join your passion!’

Listen to yourselves…Stress comes calling..Hello?

‘Help me’ ‘Are you listening?’, have you heard such voices coming from your mind? Have you muttered this to your own self and seriously wanted somebody listening to it somehow? This is the feeling of helplessness! This is the worst feeling in the world.

Watch this video:

You may today be not suffering from stress but you can be, at some point of your life because Study by Government of India 2015 shows one out of five Indians are suffering from stress. (Reference: Financial Express)  So are other nations like in US about 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress!(Reference: Statisticbrain)

Many cases go untreated and not even a single action is taken by the person suffering to change his /her lifestyle because they find it quite embarrassing not only to let other people know about it but even to accept themselves that they do suffer from stress.

A little info on stress. First let me quote the definition or stress in medical terms: “a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness.”

There are three kinds of stress: Acute, Episodic Acute and chronic stress. I am giving you some homework today 😉 Study these 3 types and their symptoms here, just one page so don’t worry. It will make you better understand it: Different Kinds of Stress [Go ahead Read It Now]

Seriously Serious stuff ha..Time to smile ..err.. laugh just like them :):)

I have a firsthand experience of suffering from this dreadful stuff and coming out from it. And I am here to help you all. 🙂

My task for today is only to make you realize and accept the condition you are suffering from or can suffer from. That is why i am asking you to listen when your body asks for help and not ignore it. Acceptance is the key. Half of the work is done if you accept it and open up your problems to your close ones. Take help. Don’t feel ashamed. The person sitting beside you might also be suffering from the same. It is very common today for our lifestyle is very close to becoming hell.

Stress would never go unnoticed at least from your own self. You will definitely feel it when it dawns on you, when it takes you under its clutches. Now the only thing needed is initiation on your behalf. Which is talking to people about it, your family member, your friends. If and when you feel that even this is not enough or not possible, be open about visiting a doctor too. Yes our best friend! Make them yours. Disclose yourself to them. Go get a counselling session from a psychiatrist. Take your meds regularly for they work.

But take a note that these people can only become your supporters, motivators, counsellors, providing medications to help you fight internal physical battle with hormones, but only one who can really throw this stuff out of your body is….no points for guesses 🙂 “You”. Develop a habit of looking at self from the third person perspective, for this trick also helps a lot.

A small video for you:

I have experienced that even talking to doctors once made me feel a lot better. Even a single visit will boost your confidence a lot for fighting with stress. This is my personal experience. I was on bed for 15 days. I knew something was wrong with me, I had stopped going to college, felt as if i always wanted to cry, that there is nothing positive in life till I met my doctor. And do believe that medicines work. But it is always that positivity and strength they talk into you that works a lot better for you to counter it.

So enough for today. In subsequent blogs I will try to put a light on causes of stress and how can you yourself take small steps in order to counter it. My next blog would be specially dedicated to corporate people, who mostly suffer from it nowadays because of our pathetic work culture. So keep following me people. 🙂

Hey Zombies…get back to being Human!!!!

Are your mornings dull and in evenings you become a dead man walking? You can’t perform your best in office, night parties are strict no-no for you and you just want to hop into your bed and sleep like a horse. You never feel fresh.

Something is wrong man, you are not living your day, you are simply passing your day, that one precious day of such a small life!

So what can be the problems? Lack of stamina, stress? How come you can stay fresh throughout the day and enjoy your life’s every moment?Oh I am Questioning you instead of solving your problems…;)

All these problems are related and have only one solution to it. The kind of routine you follow each day and the days when you break them too 😉

Everything starts from morning, the moment you get up, your mind starts working, you start thinking of all the bad stuff that can happen to you! You get surrounded by anxiety of all the important things that is gonna take place today. Oh… all negative stuff!

“Please Please Stop It” ! Actually it is your mind and body shouting and not me 😉

Infact, you sleep with your worries and you wake up with them. That is why your mind is making a noise, it is getting over exhausted same as overheated engine and you body slows down and stops as you car will.

Ok so solution time:

You have to have a healthy refreshing routine everyday except for some changes on your holidays of course! Everyone deserves that. Is this routine word sounding like monotonicity to you? No I assure you it is not because it is gonna provide you with that energy and stamina to live the day to fullest. To be fresh whatever time it is. To abstain you from you from being called Tired, Lazy Lad’

Today we will discuss only about morning rituals. Wake up early so obviously go to bed early.

Completing 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for working people. So adjust your wake-up time accordingly, so that you have time for all of the following:

1) Get up the first time you are awake, don’t snooze your alarms ever, don’t try to lay on bed too long even after you had completed your sleep.      

2) Open your eyes and smile, smile and smile. 🙂

3) The first thing you do is to stretch your body. Got a useful article for you: 5 Have-an-Awesome-Morning Stretches

4) Open up the curtains have some fresh air, continue some stretching stuff. Think positive. Think about your happy memories. Keep the negativity out of your mind strictly in the morning or else it will all get reflected back to you all throughout the day.

5) When you complete your freshening up stuff in bathroom, brush your teeth and give a sweet smile and a flying kiss to yourself looking in the mirror, you are gorgeous dear!:)

6) Have glass of water (warm is preferable)

7) Try to stop thinking about the day’s agenda for now. Step into your room and start warming up, do some exercises you prefer. Fun exercises or Yoga. But I would prefer you do some yoga and meditation in morning and fun exercises in evenings. Have some light meditational music on. If you are time stressed have meditation at least for 5 minutes.

8) Take a bath. Cleansing your body is very important. Never skip this.

9) Dress welI! I have told you the importance of dressing well. Read my Blog: ‘You don’t dress yourself, You dress your day’

10) Have a heavy healthy breakfast! (Calculate the time accordingly if you are the one who is gonna prepare it) You must try to have your breakfast before 9 am or within one hour of getting up. Check Out: 20 best foods to eat for breakfast

11) Keep 15 minutes at least for looking through your days agenda and preparing and keeping things in you bag. I am not saying preparing your presentations and all, you should have it prepared in advance. Remember confidence comes from preparation. Start planning in your mind how can you save your energy while travelling especially if you have a travelling job.

So Bye for now..Hope you have a ‘Good Morning’ tomorrow! ;):)

Enhance Your Inner Beauty….(Part 1)

Read out my Previous Blog ‘Outer beauty is just a reflection of your inner beauty gals!’ for understanding what is inner beauty and its connection to your outer beauty.

Ok, so we have come down to the practicality of our observation…what are the ways you can adopt to enhance your inner beauty, to experiment with it, in order to make you *feel beautiful (* Observe the word feel, since I believe feeling beautiful is looking beautiful).

If you have really understand the concept of inner beauty, let us start with some doables for enhancing it. Also note the word ‘Enhance’ Girls, because all of us have that beautiful inside, a lovely heart, maybe it is hidden, or may it is pushed down somewhere by our experiences with life.

Experiences Maketh a Man! It is true, for we have all seen those real life experiences which motivates us to behave badly, which let that monster in you to influence you. So there should be ways to control your actions and that comes by controlling your thoughts. And take it down that it is all not complicated as it sounds now (For I am used to making things complicated :P)

The Doables are simple things to follow. Of Course some persistence is required since it will take time to blend them in your routine, to become a habit, to be your defined thought process. In due course I will also recommend you to read some books that will help you lot. So Lets Start:

1}Positivity/Optimism/Shunning the feeling of negative anxiety: Yes, you may have heard it 100 times, but this is the first and foremost rule. If you are not positive, there will be lack of confidence in you, reflecting in your performance., Your posture might droop, nervousness on your face, that all the glow from your face recedes (If Makeup – then Sweating may ruin it all.. :P) So where is it all is moving towards spoiling your outer beauty and performance. Got the connection…right?

Now there are ways to inculcate positivity. I stumbled upon a beautiful blog on positivity called ‘The Positive Blog’

2) Smile: A very easy way! But a very important one, even biologically considering smiling releases endorphins in our body which make us feel happier and less stressed. So again it helps in enhancing your inner beauty and affects your outer beauty as well.

3) Confidence (Self Confidence and Inner strength):

Very important! Requoting a quote: “Beauty is the self confidence applied directly to the Face”

First and foremost get all your self doubts as away as possible. Believe in yourself. Lack of Self Confidence in girls occur mostly due to 2 reasons:

1)They think they are not beautiful

2) They think they are not talented enough

So first of all girls, God has created the woman species itself beautiful. So no worries, we all are beautiful in our own way. Understand, appreciate and embrace yourself. Don’t ever place your level of confidence and self esteem in others hands and what they think of you. Secondly, everybody has the ability. It is just the need to boost your will-power and acquire skills.

So both are doable, ‘Not Impossibles’. Hope you find your own path towards finding self confidence. I think this will be enough for today. Start by firstly getting known to yourself completely, do some ‘Internal Research’. This will help you a lot. The next part will be a continuation of this one. I will bring you some more doables and insight to the topic…. 🙂