For those who want to earn through their passion for WRITING! (Part 2)

Hey extremely sorry for writing this one a little late, got involved with something important. I know you have been waiting for this one, since it is gonna open the door for you to adopt writing as your earning job! Today I will be giving you genuine reviews and opinions of various writing portals through which you can earn. These are my own experiences of-course. Read my previous blog before this one where I have talked about building your portfolio and social presence. Read it at ‘For those who want to earn through their passion for writing (Part 1)’.

Now coming to the point, after creating my background in writing, I searched for various freelancing sites and got various names such as:

1) Freelancer

2) Peopleperhour

3) Upwork

4) Elance

5) Guru

6) Fiverr

7) iFreelance

Remember that this are not chronologically based on their credibility and their services. These are not specifically for writing but offer various fields for freelancing. The first one I tried was Got immediate responses and was awarded an project the very first day. It was long term project where I would have to write article for the client 5 to 6 days of week and it was agreed that maximum would be 4 articles per day. The rate agreed was $1.5 per 500 words. Although, I started getting work immediately from many clients, but the website always made me feel suspicious since the clients were not very professional, nor do they communicated through the website platform or through mails. They communicated through Skype and gave descriptions of the articles to be written. Even the file transfer was through Skype. There was nothing even made official on

But I kept working for them and they told me that they would me paying after a week. And the week came and went away, I kept my patience for 2 more weeks. One of the client’s account was deleted on freelancer and whenever I confronted him on Skype there was no reply! Although one of client paid me through Paypal but that too very late. So in short you are gonna get immediate work on freelancer but there is no guarantee if you will be paid or not.

But I have learnt to never regret anything and the experience made me learn lot of things, like which kind of articles are required to be written, the general defined duration for specific words, the way to escape through Copyscape and many more things! After this experience, I stopped using freelancer. But I wouldn’t recommend you to not even try it. Try it at least for 2-3 weeks. You get work, learn a lot and if you are lucky you will get paid. But please try it as really its an immense learning experience that you will realise later, as I did.

Then there are Upwork and Fiverr. These sites are reliable and good ones but then you have to be good at what you are doing ie. writing in this case, to get work. You need to show creativity here, starting from creating a fabulous profile and bio. This is what will fetch you work. But I didn’t try them much. I started concentrating more on freelancing sites which are specifically for writing. Although I would certainly recommend you to consistently work with 3 sites:

1) Fiverr

2) Upwork

3) Peopleperhour.

Persistence is the key and once you get established in these sites you would be earning really good. doesn’t have much work for writers, so just once in a while browse for jobs here.

Now some really good sites specific for writers:

1) iWriter ( My personal favourite!)

2) Dotwriter


4) Listverse

5) Hubpages

6) Textbroker (only for US citizens)


All of these have different systems of operating, but are really good ones. You can earn a lot even from a single article, but very high quality content is required. The first and second websites are the ones you should really start from. iWriter is simply the best, you never have to worry about payments here! Although there are different levels of writer like standard, premium, elite and elite plus. You would be starting from standard writer and will earn very less amount of money, but you will earn and as you progress slowly to higher levels you will be earning really good. I just love their system and modus operandi. It is a very organised and systematic website. Dotwriter is similar, but has very less amount of article in writer’s pool. You can sell your article on marketplace here too.

I would advice you to work late in nights in IST zone because the articles comes in more numbers during night. Keep a cup of coffee ready and sleep during days. Although I don’t do so myself, I work throughout the day and still earn really good. When I was a standard writer I used to earn about $100 in less than 5 days. I was only working 3-4 hours though. You can earn much more than that. It just depends on your stamina and how long your mind can support you to write quality articles. Don’t keep on writing simply because you want to increase the numbers or earnings. Write till you give quality stuff because the reviews will affect your ratings. Now I am a premium writer and earn pretty good!

I love writing in early morning hours. Even if I ddin’t get articles on iWriter, I always invest certain amount of time daily to my own blog. You have to invest in yourself everyday. Don’t let your portfolio go down anytime. Keep working on it continuously. So these were some of the tips and reviews of freelancing websites. I would keep on giving you more tips on the writing stuff whenever I will find more.

Just keep following! 🙂

Oh I forgot to give you some homework I wanted to: Research about every website I gave you today. Read there reviews from other sources as well and make accounts on every website you think are worthy of. Please do it before I publish my next blog. I am really strict about this! ;):)

* Even before doing the homework I am advising you to first and foremost register yourself on iWriter (This is my recommendation for all beginners!)

For those who want to earn through their passion for WRITING! (Part 1)

Hey, today I am going to provide you with some insights and tips on how to carry your passion for writing, one level higher and to earn through it. This blog is going to be a little longer, but read it till end.:) Read my previous blogs before reading this one:

1) Dedicated to all job haters;):)

2) How to leave your job and join your passion? (Part 1)

3) How to leave your job and join your passion? (Part 2)

Ok, so whatever you love to write let it be articles, stories, blogs and so on, basically it should show that you have capability of a writer. You have a good grasp of the language, its grammar and spellings. And most importantly you should be an avid reader. You should keep yourself surrounded by world of knowledge by reading a lot. It will boost your imagination and creativity too. If you don’t have the above qualities then start developing them, if you really want to make writing as your career.

Earning through writing, by only writing in a niche is surely the way, but its not the way to start your career as writer. You may have to write on any weird topics and boring ones too, like review on a fishing reel or a business plan of truck shop in your initial days. This is when your writing skills get tested. You love writing well and good, because than you won’t find yourself lethargic towards developing some skills too. And no need to join courses and classes for it, Internet is what you all can turn to, for help. Read tutorial books on writing, and keep on reading more stuff, any field, any topic. Because, some or the other day, it will certainly be helping you. Read some good quality blogs and articles. Read about some great writers and their work. Even if you don’t grasp and retain the topic info, at least it will help you improve your language and writing style. This regimen will also require you, to write more and more. Write on different topics, let it be of your interests, just write, because writing will enforce the skills you are learning.

This was all about improving your skills. Now lets start about, how to make yourself established in the world of professional writing. The very first step, as I have mentioned in previous blogs too, is creating your portfolio! Now how can you do this? Its very simple, start your own blog. You can start it on various blogging platforms like e-blogger, Tumblr or even your own website. Having your own website is the best option, if you are thinking for long term. It would need a web hosting domain and a website buyout, not much of an expense, some comes at very cheap prices too. But even if you are not ready for investing, then the blogging platforms are not a bad idea too to start with. I myself had my first blog on Tumblr. Its a great blogging platform giving you lots of customisation control on your style and the best part I like is there would be no advertisements shown on your blog.

Now you can blog about a particular niche or on variety of topics. But I would recommend to keep your window slightly large because this point you are master of no one field. But if you are, well and good, just start writing. Always make sure to make the blog engaging and such that the readers would like to come back again and again. But do not concentrate too much on making followers, you may have none tot. Its not a cause to worry! You simply have to deliver quality stuffs. Because this is going to be in your portfolio and the reviewers are going to look certainly at your work! This is what I have experienced myself.Blogging is a time consuming stuff, because you have to show some really quality stuff and in more number they are, it is better. I kept blogging for about nearly 3 months before starting as professional writer.

And one more thing that you need is, to make yourself very existing and active on social media. Create your own brand. I had this very opportunity because I already had an online fashion store called ‘Playfully Bold’  and I used this brand name for creating my presence online particularly on Twitter and Facebook.

Be consistent, tweet and post daily about the topics you are interested in and are blogging about. Learn some tips and toes of tweeting like how to include proper hashtags, tweet about trending topics and much more on various tutorials available online. Always try to post and tweet something interesting and engaging, and you will gain followers very quickly. I got my first 300 followers within 30 days. You would also, believe me. Be on Instagram and Pinterest too. Create an online page about you on sites such as I have one there. Induce it as your signature in your e mails and just provide its link to somebody who wants to know about you.

This all tips for social media can be even followed if you even just want to establish yourself here. I would even recommend short courses on website like You will get some of them even free!

Becoming successful on social media is really a way to showcase your personality and reviewers would be surely looking at it! I really had to start from a zero in social media because I didn’t even have a Facebook account then! If you want to go one step ahead then you can use Youtube as well, for introducing each of your blog or even talking about some interesting topics.

Now, this was about establishing your portfolio and marketing yourself on social media. The next step is to start freelancing. There are various good websites for it. We will discuss freelancing and some good websites for writers in our next blog. I think it is getting a big longer. I will publish it as soon as possible, so that your link doesn’t break. Keep following me! 🙂

How to leave your job and join your passion? (Part 2)

So ready for following the tips on how to pursue your passion as your full time job? Please don’t directly go for reading this blog, first read my previous two blogs:

1)Dedicated to all Job Haters ;):)

2) How to leave your job and join your Passion? (Part 1)

Now let us go to different solutions for different people:

1) If you are the one with financial crisis and can’t afford to leave your job, then don’t worry for you can still follow this path, but certainly with more thrones in your way. You would need to work a lot harder than you are now. Along with your office routine, you would need to work for building your portfolio in the field of your passion. For example if your passion is photography, start taking assignments of photography. You can start by exhibiting your past work through different portals of social media. Contribute on various photography sites. Your friends may be the first one to give you your first assignment. Do it for free if required, and keep doing it till you feel your portfolio has become impressive to get those assignments. Remember that creating your portfolios are the most important part of this regimen. Work hard and be persistent as persistence is key to success. Once your portfolio is done, half of the work is done. Start freelancing and work on late hours and weekends. And you will definitely start getting work. Once you start getting the bare minimum amount on which you can survive, leave your job for then you can work full time and earn even more! Imagine if you had passion for guitar and adopted it as your work, how would it be to bring your work home? Just like this….:)

2) If you are that lucky one who has got enough of saving and some alternative source of income, then your path is little easier. Just concentrate on building your portfolio. Enhance your skills by even joining any professional good courses. Devote your time for building your skill sets and then start taking assignments. Once you get lots of freelancing work done, you can even get a job in the relevant field. The only thing required is the dedication on your part and mind control because sometimes it is seen that when you leave your jobs and your passion is taking longer time for you to become successful then there arises frustration and stress. So stay calm and persistent, and you will be successful sometimes within no time and sometimes after a longer time, but the journey will give you some memorable experiences. And someone has rightly said that once you become successful your failure turns into motivating stories of success!

I think we will stop here for today because you need to even do some research into how to build an impressive portfolio! In my next blog, I will be giving some specific tips to those who have love for writing and want to earn through writing. This is my own experience and my very passion. I am simply crazy about writing!:)

How to leave your job and join your Passion? (Part 1)

In my previous blog I told you that how working on a job that you dislike, will spoil your life. Please read out my previous blog ‘Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)’ before reading this one out. I have been stressing on adopting your passion as your job. But the question is, how you can do that? I am gonna answer you, but the answer will differ for each person, since the scenario with everyone is different. I will try my best. And please take a note that this blog is only for those people who dislike or hate the work they do and not for someone who loves to do his job but just want to leave because of workplace pressure or boss bullying or so on. Get the thin line of difference between both, because the answers to both the problems are really different. Today, the blog is for those who hate their job but even doesn’t know what their passion is (Also my personal experience on this, since I was the one in this very category). Are you direction-less just like them?

Firstly, you should know what you love doing and should be really passionate about the stuff. If you know it, very well! But if you don’t know then it is the most difficult part. Do not leave your job unless you find out your own passion, I mean that is the basis. You have to follow your office regime and give yourself a lot of ‘me time’. You have to do a lot of self thinking, knowing your likes and dislikes, your capabilities and so on. Do not even directly go to some career counselor. You must first think of what you really love because career counselor may tell you something which is a lot dependent on your already tried and tested abilities, and not what you love and your capabilities. If you think that it is really becoming hectic, then take a break from work, go to some relaxing place and do some introspection, it is the best time you can invest in yourself.

You will get it, believe me. Go back in your life think of what made you happy, what you think you are best at and that one thing that gives you not only happiness but makes you feel proud and confident too. And even still, if you are experiencing void, then take help of your friends and families. And then still if no 🙁 then you can go to a career counselor, at least he will put some choices in front of you, but that will start a try and test game. If you want to live your life happily you need to take this hard path and invest in yourself.


I know how difficult it is for directionless people to decide on their career, because I was the one amongst them too. In fact, I think I was the worst case 😉 I did computers in High School, Electronics Engineering in Graduation, Worked for a software company, left the job after finding I hate it and joined a 2 year MBA post-graduation course in Human Resources, only to find out that I am even not interested in it. Then I tried Entrepreneurship having my own online fashion store which I sort of really love even today. In fact we all love when we have something of our own, howsoever small it is.

Due to lack of resources and as I didn’t wanted to invest a lot, I wrote myself all the content on the website even the descriptions of my clothes in such a way so that it would catch the customer’s attention. It was then, that I realised, what I am really passionate about, is writing. It was a bling and I went back in flashback where I remembered that writing was always what i loved even from school days. I really loved to write long essays and I would be delighted if the topic was what I haven’t learned because that gave me a whole lot of freedom to induce my creativeness into it. It was always there! I loved to write speeches, hosting scripts and I love reading too in fact I am crazy about novels and often used to think if i ever can write one too. I was always good in english and had my hands on grammar and spellings. These all realisations, although it came very late, but lead me to choose my final career which is also my passion. I am a writer now doing freelancing for many clients. Although, I worked hard for building my portfolio first and being really active in social media, having 2 of my own blogs and many such things which showcased my abilities to write. And after this, it was very easy for me to get work and today I earn good.

Let us end here and I will have the rest covered in my next blogs for you already must have got tired listening my personal story ;):) So people, just don’t let go, if you don’t know what you would really love to do, try try till you succeed. There is certain kind of fun and excitement even in adopting hard paths! If you want to lead a happy life and the one which you will never regret and be proud, search within yourselves for that fire and passion with all your best, and you will get a sweet fruity result for sure! ;):) Take care and keep following my blogs as next one will be a very important one.

Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)

Hey all! Expecting a quite a large number of audience 🙂 Many of us hate what we are doing! Yes, and that is why I had come to the conclusion most of them hate their lives too!

Now why is that? It is because most of the time we spend on our job or either thinking about our job even at non duty hours. So what we are doing is simply destroying one whole of our lifetime! And I really don’t know if that reincarnation stuff is right ;).

But, most of you will be thinking ‘we cannot leave our jobs, we have to earn our livelihood. How can we survive without doing what we are doing?’. He He! Are you all saying that your profession wasn’t your choice or whether there was no other option available for you to earn your living? Hey people, your profession was your own choice, your own decision, there might be some influencers or enforcers, but the decision was yours. Right? So who is stopping you from changing your own decision. Nobody in the world have that authority!

You are what you choose to become! Once again quoting that famous quote ‘You make your own destiny!’ You all must had have passions in life, before you got into this boring routine life. But passions can not be easily converted into something which will give you great earnings easily and so you all chose a path which was simple. If you could have mustered enough courage to pursue your passion, you wouldn’t have been in this condition, although at time it would have taken a lot of hard work. But that would have been a sure shot success because you become excellent in what you have passion for and remember success always follows excellence!

But, today is present and we all need to try to improve it, for our better future. The path would not be that easy but certainly after that big rough path you will have a smooth road to travel all throughout your life with of course little hiccups which are necessary too 🙂

I would be providing you with all the motivation, encouragement and ways to pursue your passions. Some specific guidance would also be provided relevant to my passions 😉

This all and much more in my next blog. ‘How to leave your job and join your passion!’

Tips for afterlife (Marriage) ;):)

Hi gals, I promised you that I would be back with all the solutions (sounding a bit too much?), ok, most of the solutions for those getting married. Last blog ‘Getting Married?? And its arranged…and it is a joint family!!! Prepare your ‘mindbag’ first!’ was all about the importance of preparing your mind if you are getting into arranged marriage and would be leading your life with his whole family. Read it out first.

Don’t worry for it is not that all tough as I am making it (I always tend to make things complicated ;)) Follow some simple rules or train your mind for some simple things and it is done. For we all know that our conscious is all what we need to control as it is the guiding light for us. Let us start Gals:

1) Never Judge:


The thumb rule not only for your newly wedded life but also generally it is a very good way of staying out of trouble or at least preventing your mind from straining. Why? Because whenever you start judging, you either create a positive image or a very negative image. Having an image is just an image people, only your perception which might be right or might be not. And generally in such an environment of unknown people, you tend to think more of negative. This causes you to form grudges which gets converted to anger and if you are not good at venting it, you will definitely be getting frustrated and for sure pulling yourself towards stress. So don’t judge. Let go of things. Just don’t think that everyone is getting personal or doing things intentionally to you. You know what ‘ignorance is bliss’. Sometimes I just stop thinking immediately after a person taunts me or so. I just stop there and divert myself vowing to never think about that again. Simple isn’t it. You just need some conscious practice and done!:)

2) Never feel out of the place:


We all have these moments, feeling awkwardness in midst of new people. Not speaking much, feeling that you are an odd person out. Please don’t do this. Because this is the only time when you can get to know people around you and build a rapport with them. Speak with them, contribute your opinions, let them even know about you and your personality. Whoever you are and whoever they are, getting acquainted is the first step of getting used to. So blend with the environment. Laugh a lot with them. For a smile can do wonders!

3) Never think of what people will think about you:


Portraying an image of yourself something which you are not. Behaving according to others and that too when you just think they might be wanting you to behave that way is a total no no girls. Because this is gonna let them believe in your fake personality which you would not be able to carry on your shoulders for a very long time. Be the real you. Don’t let them expect of you which you are not.

4)Open up to your husband:


Yes a very important part, you need to open up to your husband about any problem you face during your initial days, he is the one who can truly help you and guide you. For now you both are into that relationship where you both need to take care of each other and support each other. If you don’t know him well enough, talking and observing is the key. Know him well for he is the one who is always gonna be for you.:)

5)Dress up Well:


Yes I have always stressed about importance of dressing and although you may think this is very out of the place,then please stop. You are wrong. Whatever be the case your dressing sense, how you carry yourself will not only make people fond of you but also you will feel a different kind of confidence within yourself. Just do it and see the difference.

6) Don’t carry disagreements and quarrels forever with you:


In Spite of all the above tips as I told in previous blog there are always gonna be villains in your life. So disagreements, restrictions, quarrels are bound to happen because ultimately you all are different persons ,different personalities. But what is needed is not only forgiveness but also forgetting the incidence. Just think that will you carry that grudge with you forever and hate you mother-in-law forever if same would have occurred with your own mother? So let go and again the key is acceptance, accepting that now they are your own and they are who they are.

7) Do not let go of your likings:


You are marrying and not sacrificing! Remember this for you have your own individual life to take care of as well. Take your own decisions after listening to all wisely. Never let go off you likings. Pursue your passion and do what you would love to do before marriage. This way you are gonna be happy, spreading your positivity everywhere around and I am sure one or the other day everybody will understand your choices.

8)Make your mother-in-law your best friend:


However hateful you may find her in starting, as I told she is a person of different personality and there are gonna be disagreements when there are 2 managers of same home. But let that skill of yours work and make her yours. Let her be close to you. Share with her and listen to her stories (for they will always be telling you one of theirs :)). Keep in mind that she is the most important woman in your husband’s life as well. Keep her close to you, and you are always gonna be connected to each other and maybe spending most of the time with each other, so isn’t it better to have friends with you rather you enemies for company whole of your life. If you are good to her she will never be too bad to you at least! That is all girls! Wishing you best of luck for your future! May you all be blessed with a wonderful and fun filled married life!

Getting Married?? And its arranged…and it is a joint family!!! Prepare your ‘mindbag’ first!

One fine day……and you are getting married.


Everything is set. The date, the place, and the ‘Groom’ of course!;) Your family meetings will now always be about preparations. You would be found talking on phone with your husband-to-be most of the time. You will always have that one aunt who continuously keeps telling silly jokes.


The environment in the house suddenly changes, its a bit of excitement, a bit anxiousness, a bit happiness, and some sudden moments of sadness when they realise that you are not gonna be there after somedays.Yes, this happens in every household which is engaged in marriage preparations. You too, get busy knitting your future dreams, desiring that designer dress by Manish Malhotra or Rohit Bal or so on………


Hey Hey..Lets STOP!

Yes, this all things are evident to happen. These are all doables. And mind it these will be done just before marriage, some even during the marriage. So don’t worry you are gonna surely get married.;):) However one thing you don’t know for certain is how difficult it will be for you to settle down with your new family, may be easy but may be difficult.

Generally when you are getting into arranged marriage, it is a bit of already difficult for you. You might even be knowing the people but not so well enough. In love marriages, a plus point is that you always know the groom for better and he becomes your support for understanding and accepting the things as they are. However in arranged marriages you need not only to get acquainted to your hubby but also his entire family.

There are gonna be lots and lots of difficult moments for you specially in start of your marriage, maybe even extending upto 1 year. Yes, thats a reality! So there are gonna be villains (physical or virtual) in your marriage life for sure. Yes FOR SURE! Where your reaction can be…


The only thing you can counter them is to train your mind for these things. I am not telling you to become anxious and worried for future that is so uncertain and unseen, but preparations will all the way make you more confident and I am sure you would be more happier even in your earlier days of marriage.

Why prepare your mind?? Because mind is the one who plays all the games dear 🙂 It shows you the unreal, it is the one who can create misunderstandings about nothing, it can make you or break you in difficult situations.

There will be unknown personalities. And all the personalities will not be compatible with your personality, and they are all of different personal traits.

These 3 reasons will be the main causes of your worry. But don’t worry dear Gals, for I am always there to your rescue!!;):):)


I will be giving you all the tips and toes for getting happily married and living happily married always. Keep following me and wait for my next blog which will be a continuation of this one.

Stress Struck by Work??

Yes, it happens (and more or less same consequences as struck by lightning ;)) Kindly read my previous blog ‘Listen to yourselves…Stress comes calling..Hello?’ and please don’t proceed otherwise for I want you to be very clear on understanding what is stress and how important it is to initiate the action for countering it. This one is a long one but if you are a frustrated stress sufferer I don’t even require to enforce you to read it all, because you will be automatically ;):)

This blog as promised is dedicated to hard working corporates who are no better than workers working in a mining heat only difference is the heat although is emanated from surroundings its hotness is felt by the mind first which gives rise to so called ‘stress’. I read a Forbes article dated 2014 that “A survey conducted by employment search site of nearly 7,000 U.S. workers found that while a less-than-surprising 35% had contemplated leaving a job to flee a stressful work environment, a more significant number–42%–had “purposely” left a position because of such a workplace.” (Reference: Almost every nation suffers from the same.

People, my hard working people, firstly it is very important to understand that you work for living and do not live to work. The life you are living is much beyond and bigger from your work life. Its only a part of your life, although I understand it consumes most of our time of life and that is why it is important to take its control.

Workplace Stress can be caused by following reasons:

1) Workload or Excessive Work

2) Deadlines Terror or Target oriented Job

3) Work Environment (Includes System, Facilities, Colleagues, Superiors etc.)

4) This one needs a special mention, I am writing it in the last but it is the most important and most common factor of stress amongst employees:


In fact a new study has found that “It is not a big workload that causes depression at work. An unfair boss and an unfair work environment are what really bring employees down, new study shows.” (Reference: ScienceNordic)

Yes, I think its the biggest issue and if this can be dealt with almost all other causes can be automatically solved since a ideal boss should be the motivator, guide, a fair person and caretaker of his employees. I will give you a scenario:

‘If you have a lot of work load and you fear your boss taking an action or constantly pressurising you, insulting you and adding to your burden, this situation will drag you to the so called situation ‘Stress’.

But on the contrary you get a pat on back, few motivating words or perhaps some counselling from that same boss on how you can deal with this problem, it will help you a lot in countering or fighting with stress. (Note I have not said preventing of Stress)’

The Boss effect makes everything worse, even the positive will become a negative for you if you feel afraid of your boss. The thing is that boss is after all boss, you can’t change him (Can’t Fire him or ‘Fire’ him.. ;).

If you can’t change him that leaves you only with one option making some changes in your lifestyle and in your attitude.

Giving you some tips and some doubles:

1) As I have told in my previous blogs that accepting is the key, and for that you need to know and realise that there is something wrong with your body. I have put a link to types of stress and their symptoms in my previous blog but giving it once again. Different Kinds of Stress [Go ahead Read It Now]

2) You believe or not your stress gets affected by your physical activity. And I am of strong belief that exercises and Yoga surely helps a lot. Don’t ever skip your exercise routine because of your work schedule. I have seen people dedicatedly following their gym routine, exercising even at 11 pm after coming to home from work.

3) Giving a special importance to ‘MEDITATION’. Howsoever hard you find it first, practicing will make everything fine later. And its the best solution to fighting stress.

4) Whenever you find yourself feeling those signs of stress at workplace, the first thing you do is put off your screen, and take deep breaths. You can even meditate at place for 5 minutes. Drink enough water and liquids.

5) Make it very clear that it is you who has to take care of yourself. Initiate and everything will fall into place.

6) Now something about eating. Healthy eating habit is also a major contribution for releasing stress. In fact combination of both physical activity and healthy eating can be the major influencer. Always keep some nuts handy and if you love dark chocolates, they are a mood booster too. Avoid alcohol and smoking for its the best time to get addicted to these dangerous stuff. Here find a Link for Superfoods that help releasing stress.

7) Have proper sleep routine. It works wonder to your health and helps a lot in fighting stress.

8) Now comes the part where you need to talk to somebody who can understand you. Your family members, friends. Don’t find it embarrassing since its a very common problem today and every next person suffers from it. Disclose your problems to them, they might be able to help you. Even talking to people is a big stress buster.

Time to have some laugh just like them:

9) DOCTOR, yes, he is the one who can give you the most appropriate advice and counsel you on this subject. Please, please people do visit a doctor. Don’t feel ashamed that you are gonna visit a ‘psychiatrist’. You will be surprised to see a lot of people there and with much grievous problems than yours. Doctors are your best friends.

10) Don’t ever discontinue or change your dosage of medicines without discussing with the doctor. Do take them regularly for they do really work.

11) Talking about work overload, you need to learn to manage your time and work properly. Place your priorities right and you will find a great relief. I have recommended self help books in my blog ‘Its Reading Time… 🙂 or :(…;)‘. Read out ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. It will surely help you!

12) And don’t forget the phrase ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. When you need leave you need it and you take it, Taking breaks from work is must. Always find ways to get refreshed in some or the other ways. Socialise, follow your hobbies, play games because when you doing nothing you are thinking and if you can’t control your thoughts all the negativity will fill you up, you will keep thinking of your workplace. So go engage yourself in other activities.

13) Now some advice if your company has policies regarding such stuff or is employee friendly. Don’t ever get fearful of bringing the problems of harassment to the notice of appropriate person in the company. Companies nowadays take such things seriously and you may find a easier solution to such problems. If you think your boss is harassing you take a note of every incidence in a diary and report it.

14) And lastly taking a sensitive issue like suicide, if ever you find that its enough and you can’t take it, making a disastrous move like harming yourselves or developing a suicidal tendency is the worst treatment you can give it to yourself. If you don’t care for yourself, than who can guys?You would not only be taking away your life but also of those who love you, who live for you. There are many helplines for these too. There are platforms for even online psychiatry i.e. e- psychiatry which can help you a lot.

But don’t let things get this far. Take things under your control. There are always solutions, we just need to initiate a step towards positivity and everything will fall into its right place.

Hope I might have helped you in someway my hard workers. Always be proud of your work!

Take care…Oh I am feeling stressed of writing about stress! ;):):)

Listen to yourselves…Stress comes calling..Hello?

‘Help me’ ‘Are you listening?’, have you heard such voices coming from your mind? Have you muttered this to your own self and seriously wanted somebody listening to it somehow? This is the feeling of helplessness! This is the worst feeling in the world.

Watch this video:

You may today be not suffering from stress but you can be, at some point of your life because Study by Government of India 2015 shows one out of five Indians are suffering from stress. (Reference: Financial Express)  So are other nations like in US about 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress!(Reference: Statisticbrain)

Many cases go untreated and not even a single action is taken by the person suffering to change his /her lifestyle because they find it quite embarrassing not only to let other people know about it but even to accept themselves that they do suffer from stress.

A little info on stress. First let me quote the definition or stress in medical terms: “a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness.”

There are three kinds of stress: Acute, Episodic Acute and chronic stress. I am giving you some homework today 😉 Study these 3 types and their symptoms here, just one page so don’t worry. It will make you better understand it: Different Kinds of Stress [Go ahead Read It Now]

Seriously Serious stuff ha..Time to smile ..err.. laugh just like them :):)

I have a firsthand experience of suffering from this dreadful stuff and coming out from it. And I am here to help you all. 🙂

My task for today is only to make you realize and accept the condition you are suffering from or can suffer from. That is why i am asking you to listen when your body asks for help and not ignore it. Acceptance is the key. Half of the work is done if you accept it and open up your problems to your close ones. Take help. Don’t feel ashamed. The person sitting beside you might also be suffering from the same. It is very common today for our lifestyle is very close to becoming hell.

Stress would never go unnoticed at least from your own self. You will definitely feel it when it dawns on you, when it takes you under its clutches. Now the only thing needed is initiation on your behalf. Which is talking to people about it, your family member, your friends. If and when you feel that even this is not enough or not possible, be open about visiting a doctor too. Yes our best friend! Make them yours. Disclose yourself to them. Go get a counselling session from a psychiatrist. Take your meds regularly for they work.

But take a note that these people can only become your supporters, motivators, counsellors, providing medications to help you fight internal physical battle with hormones, but only one who can really throw this stuff out of your body is….no points for guesses 🙂 “You”. Develop a habit of looking at self from the third person perspective, for this trick also helps a lot.

A small video for you:

I have experienced that even talking to doctors once made me feel a lot better. Even a single visit will boost your confidence a lot for fighting with stress. This is my personal experience. I was on bed for 15 days. I knew something was wrong with me, I had stopped going to college, felt as if i always wanted to cry, that there is nothing positive in life till I met my doctor. And do believe that medicines work. But it is always that positivity and strength they talk into you that works a lot better for you to counter it.

So enough for today. In subsequent blogs I will try to put a light on causes of stress and how can you yourself take small steps in order to counter it. My next blog would be specially dedicated to corporate people, who mostly suffer from it nowadays because of our pathetic work culture. So keep following me people. 🙂

Hey Zombies…get back to being Human!!!!

Are your mornings dull and in evenings you become a dead man walking? You can’t perform your best in office, night parties are strict no-no for you and you just want to hop into your bed and sleep like a horse. You never feel fresh.

Something is wrong man, you are not living your day, you are simply passing your day, that one precious day of such a small life!

So what can be the problems? Lack of stamina, stress? How come you can stay fresh throughout the day and enjoy your life’s every moment?Oh I am Questioning you instead of solving your problems…;)

All these problems are related and have only one solution to it. The kind of routine you follow each day and the days when you break them too 😉

Everything starts from morning, the moment you get up, your mind starts working, you start thinking of all the bad stuff that can happen to you! You get surrounded by anxiety of all the important things that is gonna take place today. Oh… all negative stuff!

“Please Please Stop It” ! Actually it is your mind and body shouting and not me 😉

Infact, you sleep with your worries and you wake up with them. That is why your mind is making a noise, it is getting over exhausted same as overheated engine and you body slows down and stops as you car will.

Ok so solution time:

You have to have a healthy refreshing routine everyday except for some changes on your holidays of course! Everyone deserves that. Is this routine word sounding like monotonicity to you? No I assure you it is not because it is gonna provide you with that energy and stamina to live the day to fullest. To be fresh whatever time it is. To abstain you from you from being called Tired, Lazy Lad’

Today we will discuss only about morning rituals. Wake up early so obviously go to bed early.

Completing 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for working people. So adjust your wake-up time accordingly, so that you have time for all of the following:

1) Get up the first time you are awake, don’t snooze your alarms ever, don’t try to lay on bed too long even after you had completed your sleep.      

2) Open your eyes and smile, smile and smile. 🙂

3) The first thing you do is to stretch your body. Got a useful article for you: 5 Have-an-Awesome-Morning Stretches

4) Open up the curtains have some fresh air, continue some stretching stuff. Think positive. Think about your happy memories. Keep the negativity out of your mind strictly in the morning or else it will all get reflected back to you all throughout the day.

5) When you complete your freshening up stuff in bathroom, brush your teeth and give a sweet smile and a flying kiss to yourself looking in the mirror, you are gorgeous dear!:)

6) Have glass of water (warm is preferable)

7) Try to stop thinking about the day’s agenda for now. Step into your room and start warming up, do some exercises you prefer. Fun exercises or Yoga. But I would prefer you do some yoga and meditation in morning and fun exercises in evenings. Have some light meditational music on. If you are time stressed have meditation at least for 5 minutes.

8) Take a bath. Cleansing your body is very important. Never skip this.

9) Dress welI! I have told you the importance of dressing well. Read my Blog: ‘You don’t dress yourself, You dress your day’

10) Have a heavy healthy breakfast! (Calculate the time accordingly if you are the one who is gonna prepare it) You must try to have your breakfast before 9 am or within one hour of getting up. Check Out: 20 best foods to eat for breakfast

11) Keep 15 minutes at least for looking through your days agenda and preparing and keeping things in you bag. I am not saying preparing your presentations and all, you should have it prepared in advance. Remember confidence comes from preparation. Start planning in your mind how can you save your energy while travelling especially if you have a travelling job.

So Bye for now..Hope you have a ‘Good Morning’ tomorrow! ;):)