Have frequent No Make-up Days!

Yes! You heard me right! I know you all must have expected some make-up tips here, but today let us talk about benefits of going make-up free! Don’t worry, for I will be giving you those too, but for that you need to keep following me. 😉 Many of you might even fear it the most, but believe me it is not so difficult to have those no make-up days! And I really believe, it is quite useful not only to prevent your skin from ageing and staying young for a long time but also has some positive effects on your mental health too! These days should be followed as often as you can. And besides ‘My Dear Women’, you don’t need to wear makeup to look beautiful! God has designed women beautiful in a natural way! However, to push you through your hesitation, I am presenting you with some of the amazing reasons behind the theory.

1) Your skin is a living organ. Just Imagine yourself fully covered up in tight fitting clothes daily. The thought itself brings sweaty feeling to us. Even if we wear such cloths for a day, the first thing that we want after getting home, is to remove them and move in shorts or sweatpants. The same thing happens when you apply the multilayer makeup products on your skin. Your skin has pores through which it breathes in and when you apply your makeup, these pores get blocked and your skin simply won’t be able to breath. As a result, it will become dull day by day. If your makeup is not removed properly or kept for long time, it may seep in through your pores and may cause acnes and pimples.

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Also, many of your popular beauty products contains chemicals and toxins which are harmful for your skin. These toxins will cause your skin to age faster, and blemishes and dark spots may appear rapidly. This may also cause wrinkles on your skin. Just like you need break from those formal weekdays and want to wear casual comfortable clothes on holidays, grant your skin with these holidays too, by keeping them free from any make-up.

2) You will be saving loads of money! It may sound quite a materialistic reason, but according to me it is a vital reason too! If you are a woman who does makeup, you must be knowing what a hell amount of money the quality products costs. And it is not at all safe to buy some cheap low quality one for your skins. Start calculating on how much you have spent in the previous year on cosmetics and you will readily agree it is quite a lot! You can probably spend this money on something more useful and beneficial.

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3) Natural is always beautiful. Nobody can decline this. You may look more glamorous on wearing the makeup, but remember that natural will always be more sexy, more fresh and most importantly it will be more you! And to boost it, the natural look is the new trend that is catching up its pace very fast. So why not to participate in the trend which is also more beneficial to your skin? And you will really be pleased by the compliments you get, since you know that was not for the fake you but for the real you!


4) You will have more time to yourself, if you really dump this routine of yours! Makeup is not a quick paced regimen. And sometimes it takes a very long time, especially when you really have to get ready quickly. It may make you run late with your appointments as well. How frustrating it feels when you can’t match the foundation color to your skin color or when you simply don’t find a perfect lip color to go with your dress! You can use this time of yours to do something more productive. And what more will you want, then to have that time for your exercise or that leisure time just for admiring the nature. And for me the most irritating part is to remove the makeup at night when I am feeling damn sleepy. Think girls… you can have those extra minutes to sleep in mornings!


5) You will start loving yourselves with all the flaws. This is very important for every woman. If you love and respect your body and look, then you will be at peace with yourself and there will be more happiness and satisfaction in your life. Obviously it means flashing your flaws but slowly you yourself will admire the beauty of your natural face and so will others. And its really true that men do admire women with natural looks. Slowly, it will boost up your confidence to a much higher level. And some or the other day people will catch you without makeup, so why to hide your beautiful face now?

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6) You can roam worry free. Yes, it is my personal experience that whenever I go out with makeup on my face, I am ever the more conscious about it. I tend to worry a lot like ‘has my lipstick spread’, or ‘has my Kajal smudged’, or ‘is sweat ruining my complexion’ and many more. It is most irritating when I go out for dinners or lunch parties and I usually find my lipstick spread on my teeth after eating! Just go makeup free once and see the difference on how much more you will be able to enjoy!

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Hope I have inspired you enough to pick up this lovely habit of going makeup free few times each week of your life!



Some must haves for that ‘Party Girl’ in you ;P

“Are you hearing people….? Here comes the next wild song of the party…so…shake your body”, “Come Party on the Dance Floor…”, are you the one who just love these lines echoing around you? Do you love to let yourself loose on the dance floor and mingle? If yes, then this is a must read for you girls!

There are parties which require you to be ‘sophisticated’ and there are some where you need to dawn a ‘wild’ look. But both require you to look ‘Fab’! Parties are one such place, where looks do really matter! You are there to meet people new people, maybe searching for a date or looking for socialising with big biz people to have your deal!

So conclusion comes out to be that looks matter ‘the most’ in parties. In fact parties are the platform to showcase your personality and that is why your outfit, your look, your etiquettes everything that comes under the set of your personality have to be perfect! But today, we will be restricting just to party outfits. Here are some must haves for the party!

1)LBD  – The little black dress is common but indeed a necessary outfit in your wardrobe. The reasons being:  It is often the dress code for numerous parties, black is always awesome and it might be your favorite color too!


2) LWD – I know this may sound a little out of the line. Wearing a white colored dress in a party, but white signifies both sophistication and boldness! When you wear it in form of a little dress, it will give you both, fun & grace factor. And we all know that white has different aura of brightness that will turn everyone’s head towards you!

3) Lacy dress: Lace can be the most gracious part of your dress! It can make you look gorgeous! Lace can highlight your flaunty spaces and hide your faults. The game of sneak and peek that it plays with your body is a real theatre for the eyes. Moreover, the Lace showcases the design carved on it in a more unique and arty way. Buy yourself a lacy outfit to give yourself a saucy look.


3) Off Shoulder Tops – A must for all those fun parties with friends or even a casual evening with family. Paired up with jeans, skinnies, jeggings or even skirts, it will give you that unique and sensuous fashion factor which will make you the ‘Gracy Queen’ of the party.


4) Jeans: Jeans are the evergreen, all purpose bottoms. Don’t think that jeans will ever be out of fashion or a little too simple for the parties! What you just need is a perfect top combination. And if you have that perfect ‘wanna be’ body then flaunt it with some tight skinnies. Jeggings also do have fun factor in them as they come in different colors. Have that one fancy jeans and one jegging with you always, which you can wear to the parties.


5) Skirts: Skirts will always be in fashion. You need to have two kinds, one skirt with a formal quotient, and one with fun and wildness quotient. And there is nothing much better than skirt and a little glamorous top to wear in Pro Parties.


6) Floral Dress: This is my favorite! I love floral dresses or a little light patterned dress full of brightness. It really makes you feel cheerful. They are perfect for those Sunday brunches or even daylight parties and outings.


7) Pant suits:  Again this may sound weird but a must for professional parties.It works great in high society cocktail parties too. Pair it up with high heels or stilettos and a fancy watch.


8) Evening gowns: Evening gowns are designed for special occasions. You may take a minimalistic look but an exquisite one too!



9)Jumpsuits: This are currently trending outfit, but it totally depends on your body type and comfort. This one can be quite impressive if carried properly.


10) Leggings: Leggings or tights are surely essentials. You never know when you will need them. Pair them with hot pants to make you look sexy or pair them with mini skirts to make you look adorable.

11) Appropriate Lingerie: These are so important, that I cann’t imagine to skip them! In fact these are the ones that comes first to our mind when we select a dress. Keep pair of bra and underwear for each and every dress. Look for color match, straps or no straps, transparency and all that needs to be considered for that one particular dress. These have to be perfect since they can cause serious fashion malfunctions!


12) Sequin styled clothes: Sequins will always make you look gorgeous. They can give you a wonderful makeover for parties.


13) Red dress: Do keep one red colored dress! They are must since even if yo may not want but there are various themed parties where you will certainly be having red dress as a dress code. And I think everyone looks hot in red color!

14) Gold/ Silver clutch: Clutches are a must accessory. You may play with a stylish purse bag as well. But gold and silver clutches are always multi usable as you can style it with different dresses.


15) Heels/stilettos: Parties means heel and stilettos. Wearing flat to a party might make you look odd and take away that sensuous look. So have number of them!


16) Jewelries and Hair accessories:  Buy one for each dress or try buying such items that will go with your multiple dresses. You need them for a complete look.


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You don’t dress yourself, you dress your Day!

You don’t dress yourself, you dress your Day! Have you ever felt a difference when you dress up to something that make you feel ‘how gorgeous I am looking’ and have you felt that discomfort and lack of confidence when you really believe that you aren’t looking good that day and the cause is that one lousy outfit on your body? Yes it is the most observed phenomenon of everyday life but we still ignore it..why lots of reason for not changing your wardrobe or the way you ignore your dressing regime…firstly procrastination, ignorance, fear of making ‘excessive’ expenditure, or maybe lack of confidence about your choice of clothes or even much flawed believing that it just won’t change anything. There are far vital reasons to change your wardrobe “now” than you think because it will be changing each and every day of your life in a very positive way. There are always some small things which leads to some big changes in your life and this is surely one of them. I have my own experiences on it.

I used to be a so called geek in my college days, feeling proud to be one of the high scorers and beloved by teachers but there was always this one thing being a girl that used to pinch me . I focused on only showcasing my exemplary scholarly abilities and not my personality. Other girls who were famous as Gracy Queens shouldn’t were somehow making me feel uncomfortable. I think it’s the basic ‘Female Nature’. I wanted to be a complete package as I knew that this was somehow lowering my confidence. This became more prevalent when I joined Masters course in Business Administration where your outside makes a lot of difference. This was not only affecting my mood for the whole day but also making me lose my focus. I think there was always this little discomfort and a ‘pullback force ‘which was not letting me enjoy my days with my friends some of them there only to make me feel envious. I didn’t wanted to go for parties nor outside get-togethers as i always doubted my dressing style which is i wasn’t comfortable or it made me think i am not looking good at all.


Oh my procrastination, ignorance or whatever it took me a long time to bring that change. As change is very difficult. There are always these thoughts coming will people accept the ‘changed me’ or am i making a right choice. But don’t make that mistake people.Learn from other’s experience. It is the fastest and simplest way you can grow out to a positive change. As I mentioned in my previous posts this was that bling that came from my own thought processes, my reading books on self help, personal grooming, following trends that had made me what i am today. Ok no more of ‘me’ now. Let’s start with some simple examples, you know them but still highlighting some common realities, read it carefully because i am gonna provide you with some tips as well. You are invited to your birthday party bash one night earlier. And maybe you are not a party girl but you have to for it is your Best Friend’s party! you open up your wardrobe and then…..you spend 15 minutes just looking to find a party dress…for all you may have is casuals and some ethnics.oh thank god you find a dress you might even not be remembering when you bought it. Then you dress up only to find you have no accessory or no good to go with footwear…big dilemma…


Conclusion: you go to friends party feeling all low, dull embarrassed looking at other girls even though you might be looking good by chance. But the lack of confidence, discomfort will always spoil the fun or at least take some part away from it. Same situation can even occur when by luck your boss gives a chance to present your project to others in a meeting. Certainly looks, your dressing style will not only boost your confidence but also present you as positively potential person. When you look good, you feel good and you perform at much higher level in your personal and professional life. Research of University of Queensland shows actually we demand many things from clothing. We can use them to change our mood and indeed we do. If we get up and aren’t feeling great try to put on something that would brighten you. Also clothes can help you mask your emotions as well. If they actually not much brighten your mood at least they would give you the appearance of being bright and airy. This positivity would be reflected back to you by other people in so many forms such as compliments, smile etc that actually it will make you cheerful. I would like to end up with a very realistic example: Have you felt or observed that wearing night gowns or your old sweatpants throughout the day makes you feel more lethargic and you end up lying on sofa most of the times.


On other hand if you dress up in a nice pair of colorful top and jeans you will feel that boost in energy that is your outer reflection changes your inner attitude as well.


For all the tips on answers to what this post brings to your mind and for all tips, tricks and trends of Dressing up follow my upcoming blogs.