The winds of my life!

Large number of hands were clapping now. It sounded a melody to her ears. Tears filled her eyes almost to brim and finally rolled down as Florence smiled. She bowed down and left the stage to seat between the audience. The neighbors congratulated her. She felt happy as she saw the respect in their eyes. There she was now with her name in Magazines and giving motivational talks to people all around the world. As the next speaker took over the stage. The lights went dark and she lost herself in memories. She was now reviewing her struggles through the challenges life has offered her.

Her eyes instantly closed tightly as she remembered the cold night when that unfortunate accident has happened. Florence has lost both her hands at the tender age of 15 years. How she has then ever since learned to do tasks on her own and made it the goal of her life to be independent. It was a big challenge. How she used to read and learn about the stories of inspiring people. How she has used this detour of her life to be her motivation and went on to record every experience and every new learning of her life. And today was the day when she had released third volume of her CD tutorials for those who are suffering with the same disability as hers. Her previous work has already received accolades and admiration from all over the world. It was now her turn to inspire people.


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