Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)

Hey all! Expecting a quite a large number of audience 🙂 Many of us hate what we are doing! Yes, and that is why I had come to the conclusion most of them hate their lives too!

Now why is that? It is because most of the time we spend on our job or either thinking about our job even at non duty hours. So what we are doing is simply destroying one whole of our lifetime! And I really don’t know if that reincarnation stuff is right ;).

But, most of you will be thinking ‘we cannot leave our jobs, we have to earn our livelihood. How can we survive without doing what we are doing?’. He He! Are you all saying that your profession wasn’t your choice or whether there was no other option available for you to earn your living? Hey people, your profession was your own choice, your own decision, there might be some influencers or enforcers, but the decision was yours. Right? So who is stopping you from changing your own decision. Nobody in the world have that authority!

You are what you choose to become! Once again quoting that famous quote ‘You make your own destiny!’ You all must had have passions in life, before you got into this boring routine life. But passions can not be easily converted into something which will give you great earnings easily and so you all chose a path which was simple. If you could have mustered enough courage to pursue your passion, you wouldn’t have been in this condition, although at time it would have taken a lot of hard work. But that would have been a sure shot success because you become excellent in what you have passion for and remember success always follows excellence!

But, today is present and we all need to try to improve it, for our better future. The path would not be that easy but certainly after that big rough path you will have a smooth road to travel all throughout your life with of course little hiccups which are necessary too 🙂

I would be providing you with all the motivation, encouragement and ways to pursue your passions. Some specific guidance would also be provided relevant to my passions 😉

This all and much more in my next blog. ‘How to leave your job and join your passion!’

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