Getting Married?? And its arranged…and it is a joint family!!! Prepare your ‘mindbag’ first!

One fine day……and you are getting married.


Everything is set. The date, the place, and the ‘Groom’ of course!;) Your family meetings will now always be about preparations. You would be found talking on phone with your husband-to-be most of the time. You will always have that one aunt who continuously keeps telling silly jokes.


The environment in the house suddenly changes, its a bit of excitement, a bit anxiousness, a bit happiness, and some sudden moments of sadness when they realise that you are not gonna be there after somedays.Yes, this happens in every household which is engaged in marriage preparations. You too, get busy knitting your future dreams, desiring that designer dress by Manish Malhotra or Rohit Bal or so on………


Hey Hey..Lets STOP!

Yes, this all things are evident to happen. These are all doables. And mind it these will be done just before marriage, some even during the marriage. So don’t worry you are gonna surely get married.;):) However one thing you don’t know for certain is how difficult it will be for you to settle down with your new family, may be easy but may be difficult.

Generally when you are getting into arranged marriage, it is a bit of already difficult for you. You might even be knowing the people but not so well enough. In love marriages, a plus point is that you always know the groom for better and he becomes your support for understanding and accepting the things as they are. However in arranged marriages you need not only to get acquainted to your hubby but also his entire family.

There are gonna be lots and lots of difficult moments for you specially in start of your marriage, maybe even extending upto 1 year. Yes, thats a reality! So there are gonna be villains (physical or virtual) in your marriage life for sure. Yes FOR SURE! Where your reaction can be…


The only thing you can counter them is to train your mind for these things. I am not telling you to become anxious and worried for future that is so uncertain and unseen, but preparations will all the way make you more confident and I am sure you would be more happier even in your earlier days of marriage.

Why prepare your mind?? Because mind is the one who plays all the games dear 🙂 It shows you the unreal, it is the one who can create misunderstandings about nothing, it can make you or break you in difficult situations.

There will be unknown personalities. And all the personalities will not be compatible with your personality, and they are all of different personal traits.

These 3 reasons will be the main causes of your worry. But don’t worry dear Gals, for I am always there to your rescue!!;):):)


I will be giving you all the tips and toes for getting happily married and living happily married always. Keep following me and wait for my next blog which will be a continuation of this one.

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