Have a book!

Rosa was wandering with her friend Florence in the huge Book Store. Stopping at every book rack and scanning almost every bookshelf, Florence was trying to fill her basket as many books as she can. Rosa, however, was lost in her own web of worries. Her eyes seemed to always be looking somewhere far, wandering searching for some answers. The continuous chattering on books that Florence was sharing didn’t even reach Rosa’s ears.

Her baby business was not able to bloom but her bill amounts seemed ever blooming. She loved her bakery café but her customers were only a few although regular. She knew everything was just perfect but may be the location was hiding the shop. Rosa had no budget for advertising, what she had was only the way of working on word of mouth tactic. Suddenly she stepped on someone’s foot. The ‘ouch’ came out loud and she was transported to back to the bookstore.

She was shocked and sorry at the same time. Apologizing immediately she looked at Florence, who was looking the embarrassed as well. She pinched Rosa and scolded her, “Where were you lost? I am trying to tell you about something so important and you are not even listening!” Rosa made a sorry expression and said, “I am sorry, please continue.” Florence delighted immediately started flashing the book in her hand and said, “You know what, I have read this book, and it’s amazing!” When Rosa saw the book’s cover, it read, ‘A freeway to online marketing for small businesses.’  A few moments later Rosa was billing for the book!


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