Dawn to Dusk.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at the setting sun. Florence was a strong woman but the death of her husband has somehow shaken her courage. The feeling of loneliness overtook her. She was alone now. Alone to take care of her child, alone to accompany her own self in life’s most difficult responsibilities ‘Parenting’. Florence was feeling as if not even a single granule of hope remains inside her. She craved for his husband’s hands who always would hold hers strongly and lovingly. Her desperateness to see him again let her to open the old huge album of her loved memories.

She began turning pages, letting out restrained smiles. As she kept on turning, she not only saw her happy photos with her husband and kid but also her good old days when she used to work. Her super cool colleagues, her ever admiring boss, her work desk which she always kept clean and decorated. She loved her work. She began to feel the excitement and the same adrenaline rush as she used to, every morning going to work. The sun was coming up and the light slowly began spreading around her in the room. She looked at the sun and said ‘Good Morning, my new life’. Florence now knew exactly what she needed to do in her life. At-least she now had hope by her side!


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