Innovation, a necessity?

Rupert was sitting on a huge comfortable recliner in his magnificent room at the office. A 85 inch TV which happened to be showcasing the Business News till few months back 24/7 was now showing an old comedy film. A knock on the door and Florence entered with a file in her hand. She was 2 years old to the office but had quickly rose up the role of Chief Technical Officer. She said loudly trying to catch her CEO’s attention “Rupert, I need to talk to you on some important stuff. Our research department has come up with some fabulous idea of upgrades on our app.” Rupert looked at her disinterestedly and then looked back at the TV screen. An old comedy film was going on. Florence remembered how the same TV screen used to flash Business News all throughout the day. Rupert took his own time, a long one… to open his mouth and said, “What is the need for upgrades now, the app is already topping the charts. We will look into the innovation part some other time!” Florence was disappointed and she also felt an anger inside her triggered. Months went by and the sales dropped, however Rupert was not very keen on the reinvention as still the sales were enough for him. The blind aura of success had taken over him.

That day Rupert sat beside Florence while she was looking down at papers of Bankruptcy the company has filed. He seemed lost even in the noisy environment of Press Conference settling in. Florence muttered to him with a slight rage and immense disappointed looks, “You should have given acceptance of new upgrades to our app when I came for it”. Rupert looked at her suddenly. His eyes sparkling and gradually widening. He gave a slight smile. His face was now acquired by confidence from an unknown resource. He looked enlightened. Florence was taken aback by his weird expression. He took the mike closer to him and said “I might have failed this venture of my life but I have learnt a magic formula from it. ‘Always keep innovating!’”. There was a smile slowly widening on Florence’ face too.


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