It sells!

Raven was looking at the small container on the table. He was performing the cycle of same actions, of thinking and then jotting down the points on his notepad. When David entered the study room, he stood beside Raven and glanced on his notepad. It read, ‘Potential Lies for selling the Skin Cream’ and there were bullet points below it almost reaching the end of the page now.  David was confused and asked, “What are you doing?” Raven answered, “Just writing the sell points for the cream I have assigned to sell. Need to sell 50 units in 2 days.” “But these are all lies you are writing.” “Yes, lying works here. Rupert does the same and taught me the technique too!. He is a genius in selling stuff, our number one seller of the month.”

Suddenly the doorbell rang and David went to the door. He opened the door and smiled at the girl standing there. But she refused to smile back. There was a rage on her face and she hurriedly headed to the study room. She started yelling as soon as she saw Raven sitting on the work desk, “You cheater, you said me you were sick yesterday….but instead were enjoying Rocky’s party? I had prep up so much for yesterday’s date…you liar! I would never have come to know of it if I haven’t had met rocky today! I hate you..!” And before Raven could open his mouth she had disappeared. David who was standing outside listening everything was now by Raven’s side. Raven looked to him and said, “I didn’t mean to hurt her..I..I just wanted to enjoy my time with my friends.”. David replied smiling slightly, “Probably you missed the important part that Rupert is number one loser in relationships!”


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