Listen to yourselves…Stress comes calling..Hello?

‘Help me’ ‘Are you listening?’, have you heard such voices coming from your mind? Have you muttered this to your own self and seriously wanted somebody listening to it somehow? This is the feeling of helplessness! This is the worst feeling in the world.

Watch this video:

You may today be not suffering from stress but you can be, at some point of your life because Study by Government of India 2015 shows one out of five Indians are suffering from stress. (Reference: Financial Express)  So are other nations like in US about 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress!(Reference: Statisticbrain)

Many cases go untreated and not even a single action is taken by the person suffering to change his /her lifestyle because they find it quite embarrassing not only to let other people know about it but even to accept themselves that they do suffer from stress.

A little info on stress. First let me quote the definition or stress in medical terms: “a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness.”

There are three kinds of stress: Acute, Episodic Acute and chronic stress. I am giving you some homework today 😉 Study these 3 types and their symptoms here, just one page so don’t worry. It will make you better understand it: Different Kinds of Stress [Go ahead Read It Now]

Seriously Serious stuff ha..Time to smile ..err.. laugh just like them :):)

I have a firsthand experience of suffering from this dreadful stuff and coming out from it. And I am here to help you all. 🙂

My task for today is only to make you realize and accept the condition you are suffering from or can suffer from. That is why i am asking you to listen when your body asks for help and not ignore it. Acceptance is the key. Half of the work is done if you accept it and open up your problems to your close ones. Take help. Don’t feel ashamed. The person sitting beside you might also be suffering from the same. It is very common today for our lifestyle is very close to becoming hell.

Stress would never go unnoticed at least from your own self. You will definitely feel it when it dawns on you, when it takes you under its clutches. Now the only thing needed is initiation on your behalf. Which is talking to people about it, your family member, your friends. If and when you feel that even this is not enough or not possible, be open about visiting a doctor too. Yes our best friend! Make them yours. Disclose yourself to them. Go get a counselling session from a psychiatrist. Take your meds regularly for they work.

But take a note that these people can only become your supporters, motivators, counsellors, providing medications to help you fight internal physical battle with hormones, but only one who can really throw this stuff out of your body is….no points for guesses 🙂 “You”. Develop a habit of looking at self from the third person perspective, for this trick also helps a lot.

A small video for you:

I have experienced that even talking to doctors once made me feel a lot better. Even a single visit will boost your confidence a lot for fighting with stress. This is my personal experience. I was on bed for 15 days. I knew something was wrong with me, I had stopped going to college, felt as if i always wanted to cry, that there is nothing positive in life till I met my doctor. And do believe that medicines work. But it is always that positivity and strength they talk into you that works a lot better for you to counter it.

So enough for today. In subsequent blogs I will try to put a light on causes of stress and how can you yourself take small steps in order to counter it. My next blog would be specially dedicated to corporate people, who mostly suffer from it nowadays because of our pathetic work culture. So keep following me people. 🙂

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