My Blog’s Story

Every morning I wake up pumped up and happy to work on my blog post. Without a cup of coffee but with some warm honey lime water, I sit down on my work desk. My thoughts ready to come out and take form of some wordy souls. I start tapping my keyboard keys and sentences start flowing on the screen. But there is always a twist not before the interval but at the end. When I read my article, it always come out to be, not a little, but quite different from what I had thought. And when I don’t have clear stories on my mind, it is as if the keys on the keyboard starts flashing and bouncing to form their own stories. When I start surfing for some interesting stuff, my keyboard leads me on the trail of really weird but still to confess really intriguing one. And I end up saying, “Oh my God, this is really a Keyboard Gone Rogue!”.

P.S. – If even now you are interested in knowing about me, visit Surbhi Bhosle.

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