Organizing? I am too busy for it!

‘She could have been the star performer today’, Rosa thought. But instead, she had became a loser today. Feeling embarrassed and disappointed, she rested her head back on the sit. She could not refrain her mind from hitting the rewind button again and again. She experienced utter pain as she remembered how she was scolded like a child today for being an hour late in the meeting. Meeting, that was so important to her. It was her brainchild but somebody else has taken away the credit, just by making an instant presentation on behalf of her. She tried hard to shut down her thoughts machine. She was successful in changing its track. Now there were scenes coming out from her morning regimen today. How helpless and frustrated she was feeling looking at clock running at such a fast pace!

She had worked hard a night before for the presentation and in result put off the morning alarm oversleeping. Every morning she had enough time but today was different, she only had half hour to get ready for an extremely important meeting. She was running from one place to another in her house which seemed to be at such long distances. Florence had pulled her entire cloth collection on ground for searching that one stocking which still remains untraced. She then burnt her finger ironing her only formal skirt. She failed in finding the only pen-drive she had, and had to rush to her neighbor’s house for getting one. Her black stilettos looked shabby and she looked pale. She hasn’t eaten from last night being busy in her presentation. And today she had to leave her home without even a coffee as she had forgotten to bring her groceries that week. Every-time she used to convince her mother about the clutters at home saying that she is a busy and hard working women and hence could not get time to take care of her house and her things. But today she was experiencing failure convincing even herself. A determination began sneaking out of her face and she ran to her home as soon as the cab stopped. Today, her house was going to have a makeover.



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