Sitting on a wooden bench under the beautiful white cherry tree, Raven was staring from the corner of his eyes down at the stylish sporty Nike shoes of a seemingly rich guy beside him. His gaze shifted from shoes to the super expensive looking watch. He then sat back and looked upwards closing his eyes and let out a long breath. The sadness was dawning on his face. He felt as if satisfaction will never be holding his hands! He sensed some movements besides him, but chose to kept his eyes closed and continue with his thoughts. Then suddenly he felt a hands on his shoulder and heard a voice, “Excuse me”. He opened his eyes and saw that there was a different man sitting besides him. Raven questioned him, feeling a little irritated by the interruption, “Yes?”. The man answered, “Can you call that man in yellow T shirt?” .

Raven looked at the direction, the man seemed to be quite at a distance, buying some corns from the stall. Already in a bad mood, he looked at the man weirdly and asked, “Why can’t you do that yourself, I am in no mood to walk that long”. The man said a little nervously sensing Raven’s anger, “Oh, it is alright. Actually I can’t walk and he is my caretaker”. Raven’s mouth dropped as his eyes went down towards the man’s leg. He had no feet and there at some distance was a wheelchair. He felt embarrassed for his words and said to the man,” Hey I am sorry. I didn’t notice that. I will call him”. He got up and went towards the man. As he returned he stood there seeing how the helpless man was transferred to the wheelchair by his caretaker. The man smiled and thanked him. Raven stood their for as long as he could see the man in the wheelchair going away. He once again looked up and closed his eyes. Only this time he had a wide smile on his face as he thanked God!

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