Where is my money?

He was calling his friends and relatively one by one, for almost 2 hours now, desperately wanting to hear a positive reply. But everyone failed him. Even his best friend! Already frustrated and tired, he was feeling on verge of extreme anger. How can just everyone say him ‘No’? He was a famous actor after all. The only difference now was he was completely broke. Rupert will be needing money as a beggar now to fulfill even his daily needs. His stardom had left him a long back. He was old now and on verge of bankruptcy. Double tragedy it was and a deadly combination known for destroying life. He banged down the phone furiously and sat down on his luxurious couch.

Everything just had happened so quickly for him. Rupert never had prior intimation that his money was getting smoked so fast till his credit cards were blocked by the bank a today morning. He tried to contemplate what was actually happening. He called up his manager and furiously directed him to mail his old bills to him. A beep on the desktop made him get up the couch and he soon he was opening the bills. As they started making sense, Rupert was almost stunned. His eyes were filled with disbelief. His heart began sinking deep in pool of sadness. It was not a mistake after all, he has truly spent his entire earnings, in millions they were. Instead of living reservedly after his retirement from Hollywood, he has been spending like a king. He remembered his old financial handler David whom he has fired. David always had asked Rupert to live modestly but he would never listen to him. He called David but there was only one reply he could give, “I am sorry Rupert, There is nothing I can do. You have no money to save now!!”


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