Say YES to Happiness!

Rosa dropped her freshly baked cookies in waste bag. They were not as crisp as they were supposed to be. And the sugar was a little less. She started preparing another batch. When she was finished and satisfied by the taste, it was already late afternoon. She cleaned up the kitchen till not a single stain remained. Another hour went by. Then she went ahead with her next task of drying the clothes. She found a light stain in two of them and hand washed them till they were perfectly clean. She had already cleaned the center table but passing by she found some dust and sat to clean it again. The clock rang her bells loudly and showed that it was 7 in the evening.

The doorbell rang. She went to open the door. It was her husband. He tried to hug her but she refrained him. Holding him by shoulders, she exclaimed furiously, “Hey, where did you get those stains on your shirt? It is supposed to be perfectly white. Remove and give it to me right now!” His husband sighed and disappointingly did what she asked for. Till she had finished washing the dishes after dinner and cleaning the the kitchen once again it was already midnight. She was tired but now restful feeling a relief that everything was perfect at the end of day. She was excited to tell his husband of how she had performed her day chore to precision. When she entered the bedroom, the lights were ON and her husband had slept with a book open on his chest. She looked at him for long, suppressing her urge to wake him up. Perhaps he had tried hard to stay awake till she come to bed, she thought. He looked tired and sad even in his sleep. And she realized she wasn’t actually happy herself. In-fact there was not even a single happy moment in the day. She hadn’t had time for herself nor for her family. Only anxiety and desperateness to get things done perfectly!

Where is happiness


Sshhh….Marilyn is whispering her beauty secrets!

Every beauty aspiring girl have at least once looked, at the famous Marilyn’s flying skirt vintage photo and had dreamed of having such an iconic beauty. You must have too! Marilyn Monroe is and will always be one of the most awe-inspiring beauties in the world. A lot of it came from her undefied confidence and boldness, but there were some really amazing beauty secrets, that kept awake many men for nights during her raging times and even now! She was idolised then and will always be remembered for her timeless beauty! I am a big fan of hers and always aspired to achieve her beauty, but beauty is part of your personality, you inner strengths and your very human nature that is hard to copy! What I managed was to gather her magical beauty tips for our outer beauty. And alas, they are super easy and super effective! I am spilling them out for you my lady loves. Try to adopt them in your beauty regimen because if though you all may not trust me, at least you trust Marilyn’s beauty right? Even though let me encourage you first….

giphy (1)

Now, are you all ready to hear her beauty secrets, of course you will be! Let us start:

1) You must have noticed the glow on her skin, which made her suddenly distinctive from all others. She is actually famed and revered for this radiant glow on her face. What was the secret behind this? Well a really simple idea, she used a hormone cream! Yes, she used to apply PHelityl Cream on her face. And then she used to put another layer of powder foundation on top of it. This was the formula behind her shining face. You can achieve it too, but with a much simpler and more healthier way of mixing a pearlescent primer and a liquid foundation and then applying it on your face!


2) Her eyes makeup was really elemental in enhancing her beauty. Marilyn used an unusual way of making her eyes more attractive. It was later known to be her trademark idea. She used her signature style of a double cat eye accentuated with white eyeliner. She applied a white pencil liner to her inner eye water line! How simple!

3) She was a sleeping beauty. Yes, she truly believed that sleep do wonders to the skin. And this is even what I myself has experienced. The first thing she did was to cleanse her face with simple hot water before going to bed. She loved to sleep in a extra large bed under a big heavy comforter for at least between 5-10 hours and even some extra hours on holidays.

giphy (16)

4) She loved Vaseline! Yes, she considered Vaseline to be an ultimate moisturiser for her skin and never ever forgot to apply the first thing on her face before applying any other makeup! It not only formed the base of her makeup, but she also used it to highlight her cheekbones and brow bones.

5) She had a fad for sparkling eye lids! She believed it to be a way of making her eyes more sexy. She applied a little dab of vaseline or even a worked them up with drops of coconut oil to make them look shimmering. And I love this trick too! It really give your lids a wet finish look.


6) She maintained her body figure by adopting to weight training regimen. This enabled her to stay fit and in perfect shape. She also preferred a high protein diet. She used to drink hot milk with two raw eggs whipped into it, as her morning breakfast! You can do it too gals, for that perfect body!

7) She loved puffed and fuller lips! And to make them appear so, she would ask her makeup artist to apply at least 5 shades of lipsticks. She preferred darker shades on the outer corners and lighter shades hued up on the middle of the lips. She would then have a gloss put up on them, at last. And what wonderful effect did this trick of hers created. Have a look…


Isn’t she perfectly beautiful woman? And we all love her not only for her beauty, but for her acting skills, the dream she showed to thousands of women then, to have self confidence and self esteem. She is an empowering woman idol for all of us. And we can at the very least try her experienced beauty tips! So are you ready for becoming the next beauty queen with these simple tips?

Enhance Your Inner Beauty….(Part 2)

Hey Good Morning! (Even if it is night… :P) May you feel fresh always..:) 🙂

Back to Enhancing your inner Beauty session. Read out Part 1 before you read this one. Now only few doables left, since I consider the first 3 are the most important and almost covers up all the stuff. Those are the activities which involves your mind. But today, let us indulge in something physical which will help you not only to enhance your inner but outer beauty as well:

1)Yoga: Very often advised, maybe you have heard it from every fitness freak or every model and celebrity, that the secret to their magnetic personality is practicing Yoga, but how many of us really are successful in starting to practice it let go make it a part of our everyday routine. Yoga not only make us fit but calms us, gives us internal strength and peace.

Nothing can enforce anything on you, except for your own self. Start just by doing simple Yogasanas and only invest 10 minutes in start. But do it everyday. Hopped on a line in a self help book that if you do a thing continuously for 21 days it is more likely to be your routine. Increase the time duration then and follow a little more strict regime. The simplest you can do in a extremely busy day is a 5 minute meditation. You will be surprised for how much it helps!

Also, you can pursue fun exercises or aerobics but couple it with meditation at least.

2) Pursue your passion: If your work is your passion then congratulations! Its the best thing that can happen to you! And if not do follow your passion in your life by giving it time everyday or at least twice a week. Doing what you really love will give you internal peace and happiness.

3) Travel/ Collect beautiful memories and experiences: This is a very good way, because when you travel, you learn from different cultures and mostly during travel they are showcased in a very positive way. You can learn different qualities like compassion, kindness, empathy etc. from the culture as well as the people. Also thinking of those beautiful moments will every time make you smile and feel good. Also, having some fun time with friends and family will help you collect all the good memories lighting your heart each time a little more.

So that is all, the list can go endless but this are the most important practical things that we can do. And be sure that this will make your life ‘full of life’ …. 🙂 I will recommend some good self help books in my next blog. So keep following! 🙂

Outer beauty is just a reflection of your inner beauty gals!

You might be thinking, that isn’t it too early to jump on this spiritual morality, inner values kind of stuff, for a twentyager girl like me. It is early, but i think it is best for everyone to know about this ASAP, because it is the only thing that will keep you always beautiful and people will love you always..forever!

Learn it once, follow it forever and not only you will love your body, but also people will love you as a person. And we all know that first impression is important, and so your beauty and looks do matter, but it is only what you are inside will make your community admire you forever.’

And mind it that inner beauty do affects your outer beauty. When I say the word reflection it means that it really influences your looks in a vital way.

Now let us get on to what really is inner beauty. Understand it properly.

Inner beauty for me is the beauty of personal traits of a person. The qualities which are beautiful and can make others lives beautiful. The inner beauty for me, lies in a person’s heart, in being a human with real humanity qualities. Reading an article I stumbled upon an line ‘Inner beauty is the beauty which doesn’t rely on visible features of your body’. Inner beauty is enhanced when the harmony occurs between your mind and your heart, affecting yourself in a very positive way, which happens only when both integrates in a rightful direction. This will not only boost your morality positively, making you beautiful by heart but also radiate a light outside affecting your community’s positivity.

But that won’t be the case always, your mind and heart would be very rarely in agreement with each other, so here comes the controlling part, here comes the influence of your values! Bring them to work and counter the negativity inside you and subsequently you will get that mind-heart harmony. So people, that is what is your inner beauty not only good personal traits but making it sure to let them guide you towards leading a beautiful life.

A simple Example:

You passing by a small starving child.You see him and the your thought process starts and the heart tells you to help him. Your mind agrees. And you help him. And then there comes a big smile on your face, that big achievement moment kind of feeling, making you proud of yourself. Your face will glow all day thinking of the kind deed that you did, even if you don’t share it with anyone. So you displayed kindness, a trait of inner beauty, and you have that glow and smile on your face, a brightness in your eyes which makes any face looks beautiful.

Let us re-quote some quotes which beautifully defines what inner beauty is and catch the meaning of each one because each of these will put different lights to the concept:

So that is all..there are 1000s of beautiful quotes on inner beauty which will inspire you each day, Start by placing a new one every day on your desk.

We will discuss in some more detail its connection to outer beauty in our next blog. And tips and dos will come subsequently. So…Keep following people.. 🙂

Some must haves for that ‘Party Girl’ in you ;P

“Are you hearing people….? Here comes the next wild song of the party…so…shake your body”, “Come Party on the Dance Floor…”, are you the one who just love these lines echoing around you? Do you love to let yourself loose on the dance floor and mingle? If yes, then this is a must read for you girls!

There are parties which require you to be ‘sophisticated’ and there are some where you need to dawn a ‘wild’ look. But both require you to look ‘Fab’! Parties are one such place, where looks do really matter! You are there to meet people new people, maybe searching for a date or looking for socialising with big biz people to have your deal!

So conclusion comes out to be that looks matter ‘the most’ in parties. In fact parties are the platform to showcase your personality and that is why your outfit, your look, your etiquettes everything that comes under the set of your personality have to be perfect! But today, we will be restricting just to party outfits. Here are some must haves for the party!

1)LBD  – The little black dress is common but indeed a necessary outfit in your wardrobe. The reasons being:  It is often the dress code for numerous parties, black is always awesome and it might be your favorite color too!


2) LWD – I know this may sound a little out of the line. Wearing a white colored dress in a party, but white signifies both sophistication and boldness! When you wear it in form of a little dress, it will give you both, fun & grace factor. And we all know that white has different aura of brightness that will turn everyone’s head towards you!

3) Lacy dress: Lace can be the most gracious part of your dress! It can make you look gorgeous! Lace can highlight your flaunty spaces and hide your faults. The game of sneak and peek that it plays with your body is a real theatre for the eyes. Moreover, the Lace showcases the design carved on it in a more unique and arty way. Buy yourself a lacy outfit to give yourself a saucy look.


3) Off Shoulder Tops – A must for all those fun parties with friends or even a casual evening with family. Paired up with jeans, skinnies, jeggings or even skirts, it will give you that unique and sensuous fashion factor which will make you the ‘Gracy Queen’ of the party.


4) Jeans: Jeans are the evergreen, all purpose bottoms. Don’t think that jeans will ever be out of fashion or a little too simple for the parties! What you just need is a perfect top combination. And if you have that perfect ‘wanna be’ body then flaunt it with some tight skinnies. Jeggings also do have fun factor in them as they come in different colors. Have that one fancy jeans and one jegging with you always, which you can wear to the parties.


5) Skirts: Skirts will always be in fashion. You need to have two kinds, one skirt with a formal quotient, and one with fun and wildness quotient. And there is nothing much better than skirt and a little glamorous top to wear in Pro Parties.


6) Floral Dress: This is my favorite! I love floral dresses or a little light patterned dress full of brightness. It really makes you feel cheerful. They are perfect for those Sunday brunches or even daylight parties and outings.


7) Pant suits:  Again this may sound weird but a must for professional parties.It works great in high society cocktail parties too. Pair it up with high heels or stilettos and a fancy watch.


8) Evening gowns: Evening gowns are designed for special occasions. You may take a minimalistic look but an exquisite one too!



9)Jumpsuits: This are currently trending outfit, but it totally depends on your body type and comfort. This one can be quite impressive if carried properly.


10) Leggings: Leggings or tights are surely essentials. You never know when you will need them. Pair them with hot pants to make you look sexy or pair them with mini skirts to make you look adorable.

11) Appropriate Lingerie: These are so important, that I cann’t imagine to skip them! In fact these are the ones that comes first to our mind when we select a dress. Keep pair of bra and underwear for each and every dress. Look for color match, straps or no straps, transparency and all that needs to be considered for that one particular dress. These have to be perfect since they can cause serious fashion malfunctions!


12) Sequin styled clothes: Sequins will always make you look gorgeous. They can give you a wonderful makeover for parties.


13) Red dress: Do keep one red colored dress! They are must since even if yo may not want but there are various themed parties where you will certainly be having red dress as a dress code. And I think everyone looks hot in red color!

14) Gold/ Silver clutch: Clutches are a must accessory. You may play with a stylish purse bag as well. But gold and silver clutches are always multi usable as you can style it with different dresses.


15) Heels/stilettos: Parties means heel and stilettos. Wearing flat to a party might make you look odd and take away that sensuous look. So have number of them!


16) Jewelries and Hair accessories:  Buy one for each dress or try buying such items that will go with your multiple dresses. You need them for a complete look.


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