They met again! All thanks to ‘Forgiveness’!

Her daughter’s head was on his laps. She was trying hard to breathe. David kept looking at her and then at the traffic signal. Honking horns were giving more reasons for his heart to pound heavily. The lights went green and he sighed some relief. He told his driver to drive faster. His driver nodded his head and tried to increase the speed. But before he could do that, there was a loud bang! David’s head bumped to the front seat, but he managed to hold tight her daughter. When he recovered from the shock, he saw that his driver was already pulled out by the mob. There was a bike lying in front and the biker was down trying to get up. David put her daughter’s head down and told her not to worry. He got out of the car.

As soon as he got out. The mob started shouting at him too. He ignored them and went on to see the injured. He helped him stand up and made him sit on the sidewalk. He helped him take out his helmet. As his face became visible David found it slightly recognizable. The man too now, had come out of the confusion and for the first time saw David’s face. His eyes too widened and he gave a slight smile to David. Now David had no doubts. He knew this man. He was Rupert. They had both met a year ago under almost same circumstances. Only it was Rupert’s bike then and David was the injured. David had immediately resorted to forgiveness, “It is alright friend, you haven’t done anything intentionally. Only be more careful on crossings next time.”. Both of them were brought back to the reality by David’s daughter’s shriek. He said to Rupert “It is my daughter, she is ill critically.” Rupert wasted no moment and stood up determined. Giving no attention to his pain he reached the crowd and cleared them. He directed the driver to go inside the car. As the crowd cleared, David was relieved. The car passed Rupert, David looked at him and both of them were smiling at each other. It was a smile of gratitude!



Sitting on a wooden bench under the beautiful white cherry tree, Raven was staring from the corner of his eyes down at the stylish sporty Nike shoes of a seemingly rich guy beside him. His gaze shifted from shoes to the super expensive looking watch. He then sat back and looked upwards closing his eyes and let out a long breath. The sadness was dawning on his face. He felt as if satisfaction will never be holding his hands! He sensed some movements besides him, but chose to kept his eyes closed and continue with his thoughts. Then suddenly he felt a hands on his shoulder and heard a voice, “Excuse me”. He opened his eyes and saw that there was a different man sitting besides him. Raven questioned him, feeling a little irritated by the interruption, “Yes?”. The man answered, “Can you call that man in yellow T shirt?” .

Raven looked at the direction, the man seemed to be quite at a distance, buying some corns from the stall. Already in a bad mood, he looked at the man weirdly and asked, “Why can’t you do that yourself, I am in no mood to walk that long”. The man said a little nervously sensing Raven’s anger, “Oh, it is alright. Actually I can’t walk and he is my caretaker”. Raven’s mouth dropped as his eyes went down towards the man’s leg. He had no feet and there at some distance was a wheelchair. He felt embarrassed for his words and said to the man,” Hey I am sorry. I didn’t notice that. I will call him”. He got up and went towards the man. As he returned he stood there seeing how the helpless man was transferred to the wheelchair by his caretaker. The man smiled and thanked him. Raven stood their for as long as he could see the man in the wheelchair going away. He once again looked up and closed his eyes. Only this time he had a wide smile on his face as he thanked God!

My life...