Hello!! Are you friendly?

David was worried now. It was his 12th day in the Hotel. The high expenditure was beginning to pinch him now. He had to search for the accommodation as soon as possible, he thought. But to his dismay every morning since he shifted to the city, he has been thinking the same thing. It was very hard for a bachelor to get an independent house on rent in such a reserved community. But he needed it, so that he can write peacefully his new novel. He venture out of his room and went to the restaurant. He sat on the bar stool and asked for a beer. As he waited he looked at the person beside him. He seemed to be tensed and lost. David could not control his urge and his friendly nature overtook him. He said turning to the person, “Hello, Friend, My name is David!”.

His smile seemed to be so bright and contagious that the other person too replied with a shy smile “Hi, I am Ron!”. And as the bartender poured beer in their glasses, David started the conversation. When he asked if anything was worrying him, Ron replied, “Yes.. I would be moving out of the city in three days and I wanted to give my house on rent. But nobody seems to take it as it is quite isolated from the city center”. David was smiling now. Ron seemed taken aback by his expression. David said smilingly, “Can we drive to your house, I might be the one you are searching for!”. And then both of them had big friendly laugh together!




David woke up to a heavy head. He couldn’t focus. His nausea was at extreme. He got up and managed to reach the Bathroom. The warm water on his body seemed to be giving him some strength. Wiping out his face, suddenly he was reminded that today his girlfriend’s parents were to come for the brunch. A look at the watch and panic struck him. It was already 11 o’Clock. He went out to the living room. The room looked pretty cleaned up then usual with fresh flowers in the pot. In the kitchen he saw Ron working on some dish.

He went to him and looked at the pot. It was Pasta, wonderfully smelling and almost done. He asked him, “Is anybody going to visit you today?”. Ron replied with a mischievous smile, “Yes, my roommate’s special guests!”. David was surprised. He gave a bright smile of relief and gratitude and hugged Ron instantly. To Ron’s amazement, the hug gave him a sort of energy supply, a positiveness flowing into his body. Ron suddenly started feeling happier. A sense of achievement bloomed inside him. And an enlightening smile spread on his face. He was thinking, ‘How simple it is to earn happiness! As simple as Empathy!’.



Hey Human, do you have humanity?

It was an important day for Rupert! He came neatly dressed. Looking at his watch he hurriedly entered his manager’s cabin. When he returned, there was a rage on his face. It was depicting frustration and anger. Slightly watery eyes were expressing his disappointment. He sat on his chair and began thumping the keys on keyboard loudly. Florence looked at him. One look and she knew something has went very wrong. She kept one hand on his shoulder and said “It is alright Rupert. It cannot be that every time you score a 5 in your appraisal. You are one of our best and you will always be!”. He looked at her surprisingly. It was a long gaze with several questions and reactions confusing his mind.

The previous day flashed in front of his eyes. ‘Florence was weeping making low sounds. Sitting beside her, he had ignored her and instead had left for home without a word with her.’ Finally he reacted as he felt a genuine comfort and said “ Thanks. No need to worry. Anyways how did you know?”. She said a little taken aback “Oh, I saw your name on the appraisal time table and guessed!”. And she gave a beautiful smile to him. Rupert found himself unknowingly nodding and giving her an even brighter smile.

When he turned back to his screen, he saw that his screen saver has changed. It showed number of robots sitting beside each other and working with a title ‘Is this the future?’. He gave out a loud laugh nodding negatively. Florence asked him amusingly “What happened?”. Rupert looked at her and said, “Nothing, Let us take a coffee break!”. And they walked together towards the cafeteria.


The Death Bed Test!

Lying on his luxurious Mahogany bed, Rupert Stewman was in a rewind mode. Memories of his entire life flashed by, as he judged himself in each of them. It was as if he was evaluating his life, trying to feel a certain kind of satisfaction and pride in what he did. Unfortunately none of those feelings were coming to him. He stopped closed his eyes and then again opened them and began looking at his castle like house, his beautiful bedroom, the silver glass of water, the nurse sitting on the sofa reading a magazine and tries hard this time to feel happy. Again, an unsuccessful attempt! Their was a knock on the door and a man with muddy clothes and some chalk dust on his face entered the room. His looks suggested otherwise, with a royal touch to them. But there was something different on his face, bright glow, an immense calmness and a an enlightening satisfaction!

He came near to the bed and asked him, “How are you now father?”. Rupert looked him, it was his son David and instead of answering he closed his eyes. He thought of that day and each day when he had insulted his own son and labelled him ‘A useless’. He had never approved of his son dedicating his life to slum children and not working for his vast empire. He looked at the same glowing and content face of his son everyday, but never did he realize what today he understood. He opened his eyes and said, “Son I may not be there tomorrow when you come to meet me, but I want to say that I am proud of you. You did attain the secret to happiness at a much younger age as compared to me who just realized it on my deathbed!” The words sounded confusing to David first but after few seconds his eyes were full of tears!