‘She is a …..’, Wait I am Judging her!

Raven looked at Florence with disgust as she entered the office. She was new to the company being appointed as the CEO. Raven whispered to his colleague mockingly, “Who is that foolish who appointed her as the CEO? I can’t even look at her! The ugly duckling she is. How can anyone think that she can bring back our company to highs!” Their company was in turmoil and their salaries were already cut down by half. The other added, “Ya and heard his father was sweeper and she was raised in the shanty downtown.”  They both laughed a little and turned back to their screens. Judging people were their everyday time-pass.

Days passed by and 1st of the month came. Everyone was excited and talking about their salaries. Guesswork was on the highs about whether the new Chief will be able to provide them with their salaries. Raven was ready for judging his CEO’s capabilities once again. Soon everybody’s cell phone beeped one by one. Raven looked at his phone and saw the message from his bank. His mind refused to believe but his eyes were seeing the right figures. It was not only his current month’s salary but also the previous month’s pending salary!