Living in the grave!

Another tear went down her cheeks as she remembered him holding her hands, sitting below the same tree that was offering her shade now. Rosa got up and began walking slowly. She reached the same rose plant where they both have clicked her favorite photo. Another tear. Wiping it down, she walked forward and saw the swing where she used to hear her own loud laughs as he pushed the swing higher and higher. There rolled another of her precious glowing tear. She knew, this place which is full of so many bright colors was also the same frightening dark place which she dreamt of every night. And still she came here every day, to relive those moments of her lost relationship which only gave her pain and sadness now. The anxiety of who will hold her hands was increasing at a monstrous rate. But today something different happened she heard a little girl calling her mother, “Mummy..Mummy…come here…look what I found…come quickly!”. The excitement of girl’s voice even pulled Rosa towards her and she began following the little girl unconsciously.

The path was new to her. Densely covered with trees and plants, the atmosphere has some amazing fragrance in it. Rosa started feeling relieved as she walked deeper and deeper. The nature was at its best here. There were thousands of colorful flowers, wild fruits and beautiful birds chirping merrily as if welcoming Rosa with their song. Happiness started blooming in her heart and so did excitement. The girl and her mother had disappeared, probably Rosa outpaced them unknowingly. Every step brought with itself amusement. Though the path became little difficult but there was no stop to the beauty it depicted. And finally the denseness of trees reduced and brightness increased as sun-rays fell over her body. There in front was an amazingly magical little pond with divine blue water and pink lotuses dancing. Taking a long breath of fresh air she felt as if she has never been so free ever.

She stood there gazing around at the beauty for a long time. As she touched her cheeks, she felt the moistness of tears that was still there. She was reminded of the dark place. She turned around to look at the path from where she came. And to her amusement she saw two hazy figures standing beside a stoned structure. She took few steps and the picture became clearer to her. The two figures were the same mother and daughter that she has lost in the path and the structure was a grave! Grave a symbol of sadness and pain that she had just came from. She looked back at the pond and again felt the same childish excitement. Looking at the pond, she gave a smile that portrayed her gratitude and happiness. She began moving towards it!


Keep your cup empty!

Raven stopped by her desk. It was already one hour past the leaving time. Florence was hurriedly pouring down her thoughts in form of words, answering a question asked at her blog forum. Looking at her, Raven said mockingly “ Hey still working? Come on Florence, we all know you are the best person for the age old technology our bank works on! It is never gonna be changed. We are not at some International ABC Bank that we need to be make ourselves a supertech! Why do you waste your time exploring these different technologies and what does this blog of your serves? Give it a think-over, you can always enjoy that time of yours partying with us” he winked and smiled. And before Florence could think of an answer, he took his jacket and went out of the door whistling carefree! She gazed at him till he disappeared from the corridor.

Re-visualizing what just happened she laid back on the chair and started thinking what would she have answered him. A small doubt started blooming in her mind but before it could take its monstrous form, her phone rang. She picked up the phone unwantedly and answered “Hello”. Suddenly the voice of the lady grabbed her attention, the words coming out were making some very unexpected sense. “Hello Florence, this call is regarding an opportunity at an International ABC Bank. We consider your profile to be very suitable for an opening of Technical Head. In-fact our manager seems to be quite impressed by your knowledge and technical expertise! Would you be interested?” Her automatic reaction was “Yes, yes of course. I.. I would be glad.!” Sensing a very positive excitement, the lady at the other side gave a slight motivating laugh and then said “So let us meet tomorrow at 10 am at our office in ……” Florence unconsciously interrupted her and said with a childish excitement “I know..I know the address”. She was trembling and short smiles bursted on her face.

But something amused her and so she asked “Out of curiosity, if you could just tell me, that how did you shortlist me, as I never have even uploaded my profile on any job portal.” And Florence was astounded by the answer the lady gave, “Our manager is an ardent follower of your blog and so am I! Its very enlightening!”. The rest of the words faded, as her face brightened up with a wide smile, a smile of happiness, a smile of relief that all her doubts were put to rest. She felt pride, that she always had for herself internally. Pride for what she was doing, ‘Keeping her cup always empty’!

Empty cup

Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)

Hey all! Expecting a quite a large number of audience 🙂 Many of us hate what we are doing! Yes, and that is why I had come to the conclusion most of them hate their lives too!

Now why is that? It is because most of the time we spend on our job or either thinking about our job even at non duty hours. So what we are doing is simply destroying one whole of our lifetime! And I really don’t know if that reincarnation stuff is right ;).

But, most of you will be thinking ‘we cannot leave our jobs, we have to earn our livelihood. How can we survive without doing what we are doing?’. He He! Are you all saying that your profession wasn’t your choice or whether there was no other option available for you to earn your living? Hey people, your profession was your own choice, your own decision, there might be some influencers or enforcers, but the decision was yours. Right? So who is stopping you from changing your own decision. Nobody in the world have that authority!

You are what you choose to become! Once again quoting that famous quote ‘You make your own destiny!’ You all must had have passions in life, before you got into this boring routine life. But passions can not be easily converted into something which will give you great earnings easily and so you all chose a path which was simple. If you could have mustered enough courage to pursue your passion, you wouldn’t have been in this condition, although at time it would have taken a lot of hard work. But that would have been a sure shot success because you become excellent in what you have passion for and remember success always follows excellence!

But, today is present and we all need to try to improve it, for our better future. The path would not be that easy but certainly after that big rough path you will have a smooth road to travel all throughout your life with of course little hiccups which are necessary too 🙂

I would be providing you with all the motivation, encouragement and ways to pursue your passions. Some specific guidance would also be provided relevant to my passions 😉

This all and much more in my next blog. ‘How to leave your job and join your passion!’

Getting Married?? And its arranged…and it is a joint family!!! Prepare your ‘mindbag’ first!

One fine day……and you are getting married.


Everything is set. The date, the place, and the ‘Groom’ of course!;) Your family meetings will now always be about preparations. You would be found talking on phone with your husband-to-be most of the time. You will always have that one aunt who continuously keeps telling silly jokes.


The environment in the house suddenly changes, its a bit of excitement, a bit anxiousness, a bit happiness, and some sudden moments of sadness when they realise that you are not gonna be there after somedays.Yes, this happens in every household which is engaged in marriage preparations. You too, get busy knitting your future dreams, desiring that designer dress by Manish Malhotra or Rohit Bal or so on………


Hey Hey..Lets STOP!

Yes, this all things are evident to happen. These are all doables. And mind it these will be done just before marriage, some even during the marriage. So don’t worry you are gonna surely get married.;):) However one thing you don’t know for certain is how difficult it will be for you to settle down with your new family, may be easy but may be difficult.

Generally when you are getting into arranged marriage, it is a bit of already difficult for you. You might even be knowing the people but not so well enough. In love marriages, a plus point is that you always know the groom for better and he becomes your support for understanding and accepting the things as they are. However in arranged marriages you need not only to get acquainted to your hubby but also his entire family.

There are gonna be lots and lots of difficult moments for you specially in start of your marriage, maybe even extending upto 1 year. Yes, thats a reality! So there are gonna be villains (physical or virtual) in your marriage life for sure. Yes FOR SURE! Where your reaction can be…


The only thing you can counter them is to train your mind for these things. I am not telling you to become anxious and worried for future that is so uncertain and unseen, but preparations will all the way make you more confident and I am sure you would be more happier even in your earlier days of marriage.

Why prepare your mind?? Because mind is the one who plays all the games dear 🙂 It shows you the unreal, it is the one who can create misunderstandings about nothing, it can make you or break you in difficult situations.

There will be unknown personalities. And all the personalities will not be compatible with your personality, and they are all of different personal traits.

These 3 reasons will be the main causes of your worry. But don’t worry dear Gals, for I am always there to your rescue!!;):):)


I will be giving you all the tips and toes for getting happily married and living happily married always. Keep following me and wait for my next blog which will be a continuation of this one.

Stress Struck by Work??

Yes, it happens (and more or less same consequences as struck by lightning ;)) Kindly read my previous blog ‘Listen to yourselves…Stress comes calling..Hello?’ and please don’t proceed otherwise for I want you to be very clear on understanding what is stress and how important it is to initiate the action for countering it. This one is a long one but if you are a frustrated stress sufferer I don’t even require to enforce you to read it all, because you will be automatically ;):)

This blog as promised is dedicated to hard working corporates who are no better than workers working in a mining heat only difference is the heat although is emanated from surroundings its hotness is felt by the mind first which gives rise to so called ‘stress’. I read a Forbes article dated 2014 that “A survey conducted by employment search site of nearly 7,000 U.S. workers found that while a less-than-surprising 35% had contemplated leaving a job to flee a stressful work environment, a more significant number–42%–had “purposely” left a position because of such a workplace.” (Reference: Almost every nation suffers from the same.

People, my hard working people, firstly it is very important to understand that you work for living and do not live to work. The life you are living is much beyond and bigger from your work life. Its only a part of your life, although I understand it consumes most of our time of life and that is why it is important to take its control.

Workplace Stress can be caused by following reasons:

1) Workload or Excessive Work

2) Deadlines Terror or Target oriented Job

3) Work Environment (Includes System, Facilities, Colleagues, Superiors etc.)

4) This one needs a special mention, I am writing it in the last but it is the most important and most common factor of stress amongst employees:


In fact a new study has found that “It is not a big workload that causes depression at work. An unfair boss and an unfair work environment are what really bring employees down, new study shows.” (Reference: ScienceNordic)

Yes, I think its the biggest issue and if this can be dealt with almost all other causes can be automatically solved since a ideal boss should be the motivator, guide, a fair person and caretaker of his employees. I will give you a scenario:

‘If you have a lot of work load and you fear your boss taking an action or constantly pressurising you, insulting you and adding to your burden, this situation will drag you to the so called situation ‘Stress’.

But on the contrary you get a pat on back, few motivating words or perhaps some counselling from that same boss on how you can deal with this problem, it will help you a lot in countering or fighting with stress. (Note I have not said preventing of Stress)’

The Boss effect makes everything worse, even the positive will become a negative for you if you feel afraid of your boss. The thing is that boss is after all boss, you can’t change him (Can’t Fire him or ‘Fire’ him.. ;).

If you can’t change him that leaves you only with one option making some changes in your lifestyle and in your attitude.

Giving you some tips and some doubles:

1) As I have told in my previous blogs that accepting is the key, and for that you need to know and realise that there is something wrong with your body. I have put a link to types of stress and their symptoms in my previous blog but giving it once again. Different Kinds of Stress [Go ahead Read It Now]

2) You believe or not your stress gets affected by your physical activity. And I am of strong belief that exercises and Yoga surely helps a lot. Don’t ever skip your exercise routine because of your work schedule. I have seen people dedicatedly following their gym routine, exercising even at 11 pm after coming to home from work.

3) Giving a special importance to ‘MEDITATION’. Howsoever hard you find it first, practicing will make everything fine later. And its the best solution to fighting stress.

4) Whenever you find yourself feeling those signs of stress at workplace, the first thing you do is put off your screen, and take deep breaths. You can even meditate at place for 5 minutes. Drink enough water and liquids.

5) Make it very clear that it is you who has to take care of yourself. Initiate and everything will fall into place.

6) Now something about eating. Healthy eating habit is also a major contribution for releasing stress. In fact combination of both physical activity and healthy eating can be the major influencer. Always keep some nuts handy and if you love dark chocolates, they are a mood booster too. Avoid alcohol and smoking for its the best time to get addicted to these dangerous stuff. Here find a Link for Superfoods that help releasing stress.

7) Have proper sleep routine. It works wonder to your health and helps a lot in fighting stress.

8) Now comes the part where you need to talk to somebody who can understand you. Your family members, friends. Don’t find it embarrassing since its a very common problem today and every next person suffers from it. Disclose your problems to them, they might be able to help you. Even talking to people is a big stress buster.

Time to have some laugh just like them:

9) DOCTOR, yes, he is the one who can give you the most appropriate advice and counsel you on this subject. Please, please people do visit a doctor. Don’t feel ashamed that you are gonna visit a ‘psychiatrist’. You will be surprised to see a lot of people there and with much grievous problems than yours. Doctors are your best friends.

10) Don’t ever discontinue or change your dosage of medicines without discussing with the doctor. Do take them regularly for they do really work.

11) Talking about work overload, you need to learn to manage your time and work properly. Place your priorities right and you will find a great relief. I have recommended self help books in my blog ‘Its Reading Time… 🙂 or :(…;)‘. Read out ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. It will surely help you!

12) And don’t forget the phrase ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. When you need leave you need it and you take it, Taking breaks from work is must. Always find ways to get refreshed in some or the other ways. Socialise, follow your hobbies, play games because when you doing nothing you are thinking and if you can’t control your thoughts all the negativity will fill you up, you will keep thinking of your workplace. So go engage yourself in other activities.

13) Now some advice if your company has policies regarding such stuff or is employee friendly. Don’t ever get fearful of bringing the problems of harassment to the notice of appropriate person in the company. Companies nowadays take such things seriously and you may find a easier solution to such problems. If you think your boss is harassing you take a note of every incidence in a diary and report it.

14) And lastly taking a sensitive issue like suicide, if ever you find that its enough and you can’t take it, making a disastrous move like harming yourselves or developing a suicidal tendency is the worst treatment you can give it to yourself. If you don’t care for yourself, than who can guys?You would not only be taking away your life but also of those who love you, who live for you. There are many helplines for these too. There are platforms for even online psychiatry i.e. e- psychiatry which can help you a lot.

But don’t let things get this far. Take things under your control. There are always solutions, we just need to initiate a step towards positivity and everything will fall into its right place.

Hope I might have helped you in someway my hard workers. Always be proud of your work!

Take care…Oh I am feeling stressed of writing about stress! ;):):)

Enhance Your Inner Beauty….(Part 2)

Hey Good Morning! (Even if it is night… :P) May you feel fresh always..:) 🙂

Back to Enhancing your inner Beauty session. Read out Part 1 before you read this one. Now only few doables left, since I consider the first 3 are the most important and almost covers up all the stuff. Those are the activities which involves your mind. But today, let us indulge in something physical which will help you not only to enhance your inner but outer beauty as well:

1)Yoga: Very often advised, maybe you have heard it from every fitness freak or every model and celebrity, that the secret to their magnetic personality is practicing Yoga, but how many of us really are successful in starting to practice it let go make it a part of our everyday routine. Yoga not only make us fit but calms us, gives us internal strength and peace.

Nothing can enforce anything on you, except for your own self. Start just by doing simple Yogasanas and only invest 10 minutes in start. But do it everyday. Hopped on a line in a self help book that if you do a thing continuously for 21 days it is more likely to be your routine. Increase the time duration then and follow a little more strict regime. The simplest you can do in a extremely busy day is a 5 minute meditation. You will be surprised for how much it helps!

Also, you can pursue fun exercises or aerobics but couple it with meditation at least.

2) Pursue your passion: If your work is your passion then congratulations! Its the best thing that can happen to you! And if not do follow your passion in your life by giving it time everyday or at least twice a week. Doing what you really love will give you internal peace and happiness.

3) Travel/ Collect beautiful memories and experiences: This is a very good way, because when you travel, you learn from different cultures and mostly during travel they are showcased in a very positive way. You can learn different qualities like compassion, kindness, empathy etc. from the culture as well as the people. Also thinking of those beautiful moments will every time make you smile and feel good. Also, having some fun time with friends and family will help you collect all the good memories lighting your heart each time a little more.

So that is all, the list can go endless but this are the most important practical things that we can do. And be sure that this will make your life ‘full of life’ …. 🙂 I will recommend some good self help books in my next blog. So keep following! 🙂

Outer beauty is just a reflection of your inner beauty gals!

You might be thinking, that isn’t it too early to jump on this spiritual morality, inner values kind of stuff, for a twentyager girl like me. It is early, but i think it is best for everyone to know about this ASAP, because it is the only thing that will keep you always beautiful and people will love you always..forever!

Learn it once, follow it forever and not only you will love your body, but also people will love you as a person. And we all know that first impression is important, and so your beauty and looks do matter, but it is only what you are inside will make your community admire you forever.’

And mind it that inner beauty do affects your outer beauty. When I say the word reflection it means that it really influences your looks in a vital way.

Now let us get on to what really is inner beauty. Understand it properly.

Inner beauty for me is the beauty of personal traits of a person. The qualities which are beautiful and can make others lives beautiful. The inner beauty for me, lies in a person’s heart, in being a human with real humanity qualities. Reading an article I stumbled upon an line ‘Inner beauty is the beauty which doesn’t rely on visible features of your body’. Inner beauty is enhanced when the harmony occurs between your mind and your heart, affecting yourself in a very positive way, which happens only when both integrates in a rightful direction. This will not only boost your morality positively, making you beautiful by heart but also radiate a light outside affecting your community’s positivity.

But that won’t be the case always, your mind and heart would be very rarely in agreement with each other, so here comes the controlling part, here comes the influence of your values! Bring them to work and counter the negativity inside you and subsequently you will get that mind-heart harmony. So people, that is what is your inner beauty not only good personal traits but making it sure to let them guide you towards leading a beautiful life.

A simple Example:

You passing by a small starving child.You see him and the your thought process starts and the heart tells you to help him. Your mind agrees. And you help him. And then there comes a big smile on your face, that big achievement moment kind of feeling, making you proud of yourself. Your face will glow all day thinking of the kind deed that you did, even if you don’t share it with anyone. So you displayed kindness, a trait of inner beauty, and you have that glow and smile on your face, a brightness in your eyes which makes any face looks beautiful.

Let us re-quote some quotes which beautifully defines what inner beauty is and catch the meaning of each one because each of these will put different lights to the concept:

So that is all..there are 1000s of beautiful quotes on inner beauty which will inspire you each day, Start by placing a new one every day on your desk.

We will discuss in some more detail its connection to outer beauty in our next blog. And tips and dos will come subsequently. So…Keep following people.. 🙂