Be You!

Dressing up in a heavy golden gown, Florence was already finding herself tired. Everything that she has embellished herself with, was heavy. Perhaps her heart was feeling the burden too. She never understood why she could never get accustomed to all of this. 10 years, she has been dawning the same kind of weight on her and every-time it feels difficult. She looked at mirror and tried to smile. The dense makeup was making it an arduous task. She was known to be gorgeously beautiful, but she has started finding herself losing her glow. She desperately wanted to freedom now but it was no sooner to come! The loud ringing of the telephone brought her back to the reality. It was a reminder call from her mother that media has arrived on the gate. Forcing her legs a walk down the stairs, she went out on the podium. Her hands rose high to greet everyone and she sat consciously with an artificial grace.

The first voice she heard sounded fake too, “Congratulation Miss Florence for immense success of your movie!”. She thanked the journalist and brought the mic a little closer, preparing herself for the Questions. First Question went smoothly. The next Question was from her favorite journalist and her close friend, Rupert, She had confided in him many times and he always seemed to understand her. “Hey Florence, you seemed to be playing a role of a simple, carefree, fun loving and strong woman, are you the same in real life too?”. The question struck her as a hard blow. She seemed to be confused as why Rupert who knew her so well chose to ask this question. As she realized the depth of the question, she got lost into it. Her mother immediately sensed it and replied, “Yes, indeed she is a very cheerful and doesn’t let go a chance to have fun!” Florence who was awaken by her mother’s loud voice, was now looking at Rupert with warmth. She straightened her posture and all her confidence seemed to have come back. She knew now the secret of a happy life, it was ‘Be you’! She was getting her freedom soon now!

Look for Higher Purpose!


Placing each finger after a long pause, Raven was thinking, when would the last hour pass. After every word he glanced at the clock. Finally switching off the screen, he laid back on chair and thought ‘Anyways I am going to get salary. There can be no work as uninteresting and meaningless as this!’ Suddenly he saw his manager entering the floor, and number of people dressed in country styled clothes, each carrying boxes, followed him. He jumped in his chair and switched on the screen, pretending to work. The Manager clapped and all heads turned towards him. The silence roared as everyone looked with curiosity towards the strangers. The manager then said aloud with a wide grin “Hey all from Agri-Help App Development team, here are your delighted customers, our very own farmers. They have come here to thank all of you for providing them with such a useful app. Please accept there small gifts of fruits fresh from their farms.” Raven looked with eyes wide open as one of the farmers reached him and gave him the fruit box. The expression of gratitude on the farmer’s face astonished Raven and then slowly, a vivacious bright smile spread on Raven’s face, as if he just now attained enlightenment!