Behind my back?

Florence came out of her Limousine. For a moment her eyes closed and then opened slightly trying to adjust the continuous flashes of light being bombarded on her. Thanks to her guard who has held her hands, she could balance herself. It seemed that she could never get accustomed to the knee slit dress and the high heels. But as soon she looked around, hundreds of people were waiting for her and shouting her name. Her star personality took over. Her confidence reached its high and she smiled waving to all her fans. She then gave a walk to wow for and reached the party hall with such a gracious and seducing aura that everyone in the party had their eyes fixed on her. A bunch of profound music directors now seemed to be coming from all directions towards her.

She kept on meeting them and pretending to listen to all their flattery. Talking with one of the composers, she took a glass of wine in her hand. As she sipped it, the conversation fell in the background with sound now fading for her. Florence was just happy listening to her own heart’s happiness harmony. Suddenly a distinct but a known voice crossed her ears and the alert signal awakened her mind. The words were reaching her, “She is really a talented singer. You know I have known her since her childhood. I and her father are really good friends. It was even I who had advised her father to let her join the musical academy.”

Florence turned back pretending to keep the glass on waiter’s tray. Her eyes confirmed her that he was Uncle Raven. She can never forget his peculiar croaky voice. It was the same uncle Raven who a few years back prior to her stardom, made Florence run out from the party all in tears and embarrassment. That day too, she had overheard him but the only difference was he was mocking her skills and chose to ignore her presence. Today her eyes met his, and he tried to smile looking desperate to talk to her but now it was her turn to ignore him.



She was A grader all throughout her graduation. Rosa was happy back then. Now it has been a year, being an employee of one of the best company. She was growing well, but not as well as a girl of her potential should have. Rosa just couldn’t understand what was pulling her behind. She had started feeling a deep hole inside her. But didn’t knew what would fill that up. Lying on her bed she was trying to solve the puzzle of her sadness.She remembered the days of her graduation when she would be super excited and happy on the result day, as if she already knew that she was going to top the class. Where was that confidence now? When did her power of focus lost her? Why has her productivity streak betrayed her? Where has that passion to exceed vanished? No answer!

Frustrated she got up. She wanted something to fulfill her desire of self esteem urgently. She hurriedly went towards the cupboard and took out her academics file. She opened and began turning it, admiringly touching each of her result certificate. As she kept on doing that, she came across a page hidden between her mark sheets. As she turned the page she saw a beautifully sketched women. A rush of excitement went through her. She hurriedly started turning the album for more and found more.  She hurriedly got up and went back to her cupboard and took out her old portrait book. Admiring each one she reached to blank page. To her surprise she felt a strong urge to sketch and went on with it. Next day when she got up she was feeling happier for she had found out her love and passion back again! She got up to get ready for the office. Now everyday she would sketch her way to success!


How to leave your job and join your passion? (Part 2)

So ready for following the tips on how to pursue your passion as your full time job? Please don’t directly go for reading this blog, first read my previous two blogs:

1)Dedicated to all Job Haters ;):)

2) How to leave your job and join your Passion? (Part 1)

Now let us go to different solutions for different people:

1) If you are the one with financial crisis and can’t afford to leave your job, then don’t worry for you can still follow this path, but certainly with more thrones in your way. You would need to work a lot harder than you are now. Along with your office routine, you would need to work for building your portfolio in the field of your passion. For example if your passion is photography, start taking assignments of photography. You can start by exhibiting your past work through different portals of social media. Contribute on various photography sites. Your friends may be the first one to give you your first assignment. Do it for free if required, and keep doing it till you feel your portfolio has become impressive to get those assignments. Remember that creating your portfolios are the most important part of this regimen. Work hard and be persistent as persistence is key to success. Once your portfolio is done, half of the work is done. Start freelancing and work on late hours and weekends. And you will definitely start getting work. Once you start getting the bare minimum amount on which you can survive, leave your job for then you can work full time and earn even more! Imagine if you had passion for guitar and adopted it as your work, how would it be to bring your work home? Just like this….:)

2) If you are that lucky one who has got enough of saving and some alternative source of income, then your path is little easier. Just concentrate on building your portfolio. Enhance your skills by even joining any professional good courses. Devote your time for building your skill sets and then start taking assignments. Once you get lots of freelancing work done, you can even get a job in the relevant field. The only thing required is the dedication on your part and mind control because sometimes it is seen that when you leave your jobs and your passion is taking longer time for you to become successful then there arises frustration and stress. So stay calm and persistent, and you will be successful sometimes within no time and sometimes after a longer time, but the journey will give you some memorable experiences. And someone has rightly said that once you become successful your failure turns into motivating stories of success!

I think we will stop here for today because you need to even do some research into how to build an impressive portfolio! In my next blog, I will be giving some specific tips to those who have love for writing and want to earn through writing. This is my own experience and my very passion. I am simply crazy about writing!:)

How to leave your job and join your Passion? (Part 1)

In my previous blog I told you that how working on a job that you dislike, will spoil your life. Please read out my previous blog ‘Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)’ before reading this one out. I have been stressing on adopting your passion as your job. But the question is, how you can do that? I am gonna answer you, but the answer will differ for each person, since the scenario with everyone is different. I will try my best. And please take a note that this blog is only for those people who dislike or hate the work they do and not for someone who loves to do his job but just want to leave because of workplace pressure or boss bullying or so on. Get the thin line of difference between both, because the answers to both the problems are really different. Today, the blog is for those who hate their job but even doesn’t know what their passion is (Also my personal experience on this, since I was the one in this very category). Are you direction-less just like them?

Firstly, you should know what you love doing and should be really passionate about the stuff. If you know it, very well! But if you don’t know then it is the most difficult part. Do not leave your job unless you find out your own passion, I mean that is the basis. You have to follow your office regime and give yourself a lot of ‘me time’. You have to do a lot of self thinking, knowing your likes and dislikes, your capabilities and so on. Do not even directly go to some career counselor. You must first think of what you really love because career counselor may tell you something which is a lot dependent on your already tried and tested abilities, and not what you love and your capabilities. If you think that it is really becoming hectic, then take a break from work, go to some relaxing place and do some introspection, it is the best time you can invest in yourself.

You will get it, believe me. Go back in your life think of what made you happy, what you think you are best at and that one thing that gives you not only happiness but makes you feel proud and confident too. And even still, if you are experiencing void, then take help of your friends and families. And then still if no 🙁 then you can go to a career counselor, at least he will put some choices in front of you, but that will start a try and test game. If you want to live your life happily you need to take this hard path and invest in yourself.


I know how difficult it is for directionless people to decide on their career, because I was the one amongst them too. In fact, I think I was the worst case 😉 I did computers in High School, Electronics Engineering in Graduation, Worked for a software company, left the job after finding I hate it and joined a 2 year MBA post-graduation course in Human Resources, only to find out that I am even not interested in it. Then I tried Entrepreneurship having my own online fashion store which I sort of really love even today. In fact we all love when we have something of our own, howsoever small it is.

Due to lack of resources and as I didn’t wanted to invest a lot, I wrote myself all the content on the website even the descriptions of my clothes in such a way so that it would catch the customer’s attention. It was then, that I realised, what I am really passionate about, is writing. It was a bling and I went back in flashback where I remembered that writing was always what i loved even from school days. I really loved to write long essays and I would be delighted if the topic was what I haven’t learned because that gave me a whole lot of freedom to induce my creativeness into it. It was always there! I loved to write speeches, hosting scripts and I love reading too in fact I am crazy about novels and often used to think if i ever can write one too. I was always good in english and had my hands on grammar and spellings. These all realisations, although it came very late, but lead me to choose my final career which is also my passion. I am a writer now doing freelancing for many clients. Although, I worked hard for building my portfolio first and being really active in social media, having 2 of my own blogs and many such things which showcased my abilities to write. And after this, it was very easy for me to get work and today I earn good.

Let us end here and I will have the rest covered in my next blogs for you already must have got tired listening my personal story ;):) So people, just don’t let go, if you don’t know what you would really love to do, try try till you succeed. There is certain kind of fun and excitement even in adopting hard paths! If you want to lead a happy life and the one which you will never regret and be proud, search within yourselves for that fire and passion with all your best, and you will get a sweet fruity result for sure! ;):) Take care and keep following my blogs as next one will be a very important one.