You are A-LIVE, So is your purpose!

Rupert was comfortably sitting on his luxurious recliner with a glass of his favorite french burgundy, watching Star Trek on his expensive Bridge home theater. But his face was beginning to show disinterestedness. His phone rang and he picked up instantly. It was from his company’s CEO telling that his company has profited hugely this year. He felt a surge of happiness. He was now retired with nothing but to observe his company’s progress. He remembered his good old days when his life was full of excitement, when he tried hard to bring his company to the highs of market, when he would craft strategies to achieve those large number revenues, when there was a purpose to his life. Suddenly the jerk of that happiness faded away.

The intense realisation of his boring life took over. He moved his eyes all over the room admiring his grand empire, but this no more made him feel adrenaline rush of excitement. On an impulse, he paused the movie and put on the news channel. What he saw was heart wrenching, 100s of malnourished children were being shown, some dying a horrific slow death. Raven always had empathy for poor children. He felt immense sadness and in frustration changed the channel. This time a man seemed to be delivering some kind of lecture. He was about the change the channel again, when he heard, “Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you are alive, it isn’t.” Raven remembered reading this famous quote by Richard Bach. As the words started making sense his face let out a bright smile. Raven now knew the new purpose of his life!


Look for Higher Purpose!


Placing each finger after a long pause, Raven was thinking, when would the last hour pass. After every word he glanced at the clock. Finally switching off the screen, he laid back on chair and thought ‘Anyways I am going to get salary. There can be no work as uninteresting and meaningless as this!’ Suddenly he saw his manager entering the floor, and number of people dressed in country styled clothes, each carrying boxes, followed him. He jumped in his chair and switched on the screen, pretending to work. The Manager clapped and all heads turned towards him. The silence roared as everyone looked with curiosity towards the strangers. The manager then said aloud with a wide grin “Hey all from Agri-Help App Development team, here are your delighted customers, our very own farmers. They have come here to thank all of you for providing them with such a useful app. Please accept there small gifts of fruits fresh from their farms.” Raven looked with eyes wide open as one of the farmers reached him and gave him the fruit box. The expression of gratitude on the farmer’s face astonished Raven and then slowly, a vivacious bright smile spread on Raven’s face, as if he just now attained enlightenment!