Stress Struck by Work??

Yes, it happens (and more or less same consequences as struck by lightning ;)) Kindly read my previous blog ‘Listen to yourselves…Stress comes calling..Hello?’ and please don’t proceed otherwise for I want you to be very clear on understanding what is stress and how important it is to initiate the action for countering it. This one is a long one but if you are a frustrated stress sufferer I don’t even require to enforce you to read it all, because you will be automatically ;):)

This blog as promised is dedicated to hard working corporates who are no better than workers working in a mining heat only difference is the heat although is emanated from surroundings its hotness is felt by the mind first which gives rise to so called ‘stress’. I read a Forbes article dated 2014 that “A survey conducted by employment search site of nearly 7,000 U.S. workers found that while a less-than-surprising 35% had contemplated leaving a job to flee a stressful work environment, a more significant number–42%–had “purposely” left a position because of such a workplace.” (Reference: Almost every nation suffers from the same.

People, my hard working people, firstly it is very important to understand that you work for living and do not live to work. The life you are living is much beyond and bigger from your work life. Its only a part of your life, although I understand it consumes most of our time of life and that is why it is important to take its control.

Workplace Stress can be caused by following reasons:

1) Workload or Excessive Work

2) Deadlines Terror or Target oriented Job

3) Work Environment (Includes System, Facilities, Colleagues, Superiors etc.)

4) This one needs a special mention, I am writing it in the last but it is the most important and most common factor of stress amongst employees:


In fact a new study has found that “It is not a big workload that causes depression at work. An unfair boss and an unfair work environment are what really bring employees down, new study shows.” (Reference: ScienceNordic)

Yes, I think its the biggest issue and if this can be dealt with almost all other causes can be automatically solved since a ideal boss should be the motivator, guide, a fair person and caretaker of his employees. I will give you a scenario:

‘If you have a lot of work load and you fear your boss taking an action or constantly pressurising you, insulting you and adding to your burden, this situation will drag you to the so called situation ‘Stress’.

But on the contrary you get a pat on back, few motivating words or perhaps some counselling from that same boss on how you can deal with this problem, it will help you a lot in countering or fighting with stress. (Note I have not said preventing of Stress)’

The Boss effect makes everything worse, even the positive will become a negative for you if you feel afraid of your boss. The thing is that boss is after all boss, you can’t change him (Can’t Fire him or ‘Fire’ him.. ;).

If you can’t change him that leaves you only with one option making some changes in your lifestyle and in your attitude.

Giving you some tips and some doubles:

1) As I have told in my previous blogs that accepting is the key, and for that you need to know and realise that there is something wrong with your body. I have put a link to types of stress and their symptoms in my previous blog but giving it once again. Different Kinds of Stress [Go ahead Read It Now]

2) You believe or not your stress gets affected by your physical activity. And I am of strong belief that exercises and Yoga surely helps a lot. Don’t ever skip your exercise routine because of your work schedule. I have seen people dedicatedly following their gym routine, exercising even at 11 pm after coming to home from work.

3) Giving a special importance to ‘MEDITATION’. Howsoever hard you find it first, practicing will make everything fine later. And its the best solution to fighting stress.

4) Whenever you find yourself feeling those signs of stress at workplace, the first thing you do is put off your screen, and take deep breaths. You can even meditate at place for 5 minutes. Drink enough water and liquids.

5) Make it very clear that it is you who has to take care of yourself. Initiate and everything will fall into place.

6) Now something about eating. Healthy eating habit is also a major contribution for releasing stress. In fact combination of both physical activity and healthy eating can be the major influencer. Always keep some nuts handy and if you love dark chocolates, they are a mood booster too. Avoid alcohol and smoking for its the best time to get addicted to these dangerous stuff. Here find a Link for Superfoods that help releasing stress.

7) Have proper sleep routine. It works wonder to your health and helps a lot in fighting stress.

8) Now comes the part where you need to talk to somebody who can understand you. Your family members, friends. Don’t find it embarrassing since its a very common problem today and every next person suffers from it. Disclose your problems to them, they might be able to help you. Even talking to people is a big stress buster.

Time to have some laugh just like them:

9) DOCTOR, yes, he is the one who can give you the most appropriate advice and counsel you on this subject. Please, please people do visit a doctor. Don’t feel ashamed that you are gonna visit a ‘psychiatrist’. You will be surprised to see a lot of people there and with much grievous problems than yours. Doctors are your best friends.

10) Don’t ever discontinue or change your dosage of medicines without discussing with the doctor. Do take them regularly for they do really work.

11) Talking about work overload, you need to learn to manage your time and work properly. Place your priorities right and you will find a great relief. I have recommended self help books in my blog ‘Its Reading Time… 🙂 or :(…;)‘. Read out ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. It will surely help you!

12) And don’t forget the phrase ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. When you need leave you need it and you take it, Taking breaks from work is must. Always find ways to get refreshed in some or the other ways. Socialise, follow your hobbies, play games because when you doing nothing you are thinking and if you can’t control your thoughts all the negativity will fill you up, you will keep thinking of your workplace. So go engage yourself in other activities.

13) Now some advice if your company has policies regarding such stuff or is employee friendly. Don’t ever get fearful of bringing the problems of harassment to the notice of appropriate person in the company. Companies nowadays take such things seriously and you may find a easier solution to such problems. If you think your boss is harassing you take a note of every incidence in a diary and report it.

14) And lastly taking a sensitive issue like suicide, if ever you find that its enough and you can’t take it, making a disastrous move like harming yourselves or developing a suicidal tendency is the worst treatment you can give it to yourself. If you don’t care for yourself, than who can guys?You would not only be taking away your life but also of those who love you, who live for you. There are many helplines for these too. There are platforms for even online psychiatry i.e. e- psychiatry which can help you a lot.

But don’t let things get this far. Take things under your control. There are always solutions, we just need to initiate a step towards positivity and everything will fall into its right place.

Hope I might have helped you in someway my hard workers. Always be proud of your work!

Take care…Oh I am feeling stressed of writing about stress! ;):):)