Organizing? I am too busy for it!

‘She could have been the star performer today’, Rosa thought. But instead, she had became a loser today. Feeling embarrassed and disappointed, she rested her head back on the sit. She could not refrain her mind from hitting the rewind button again and again. She experienced utter pain as she remembered how she was scolded like a child today for being an hour late in the meeting. Meeting, that was so important to her. It was her brainchild but somebody else has taken away the credit, just by making an instant presentation on behalf of her. She tried hard to shut down her thoughts machine. She was successful in changing its track. Now there were scenes coming out from her morning regimen today. How helpless and frustrated she was feeling looking at clock running at such a fast pace!

She had worked hard a night before for the presentation and in result put off the morning alarm oversleeping. Every morning she had enough time but today was different, she only had half hour to get ready for an extremely important meeting. She was running from one place to another in her house which seemed to be at such long distances. Florence had pulled her entire cloth collection on ground for searching that one stocking which still remains untraced. She then burnt her finger ironing her only formal skirt. She failed in finding the only pen-drive she had, and had to rush to her neighbor’s house for getting one. Her black stilettos looked shabby and she looked pale. She hasn’t eaten from last night being busy in her presentation. And today she had to leave her home without even a coffee as she had forgotten to bring her groceries that week. Every-time she used to convince her mother about the clutters at home saying that she is a busy and hard working women and hence could not get time to take care of her house and her things. But today she was experiencing failure convincing even herself. A determination began sneaking out of her face and she ran to her home as soon as the cab stopped. Today, her house was going to have a makeover.



Oops…my mistake!

Rupert went against all! It was his decision. And he didn’t listen even to his experienced staff members. He was blinded by his personal opinions and overconfidence. “After all I have brought up this company for so long. My decisions are always mine.”, he thought and went on to sign the contract. There was disappointment and worry on David’s face now. He was the senior most manager and loved the company as his own. But the decision didn’t surprise him, Rupert has been doing this for years now. He never consulted anyone. Few months later, everyone gathered in the newsroom. It was 30th April, 2016. There was intense tension as they saw their company stocks crashing at a lightening speed. Rupert stood at front, shocked but not panicky. He looked down and gazed at the floor for long, as if he was trying to come to terms with what has just happened. David saw that Rupert took out a pencil and a diary, and wrote something on it. He wondered if Rupert will ever realize his mistake. Days passed by and it was again a major decision day. However everyone as usual knew that they would only be called for briefing the decision being made by Rupert.

David was sitting in his cabin wondering about the contract. His phone rang and his secretary informed him that he was being called at the conference room. It felt weird as Rupert always called the management in his room for conveying the decision. As he reached there, he saw every head of the department was sitting there. Rupert entered and sat on his chair beside David. Greeting everyone with a smile, he said, “I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on this contract. Florence, you can start”. Everyone was surprised but was feeling immensely happy and looked at Rupert with respect as never before. David looked at Rupert as if he was mesmerized by him. As took his gaze down and he saw a open diary page. Rupert has written,

‘Date: 30th April, 2016:

My Mistake: Autonomous Decision

Learning: To consult everybody from now, on important decisions’



A difficult decision!

She was walking for quite a long time now. Lost in herself, unaware of the surroundings. Rosa had decided to explore the nearby forest today, but her mind was engulfed by the wild storm of statements, each one contradictory. She had to convey her final decision by tomorrow morning. It was a big opportunity for her but the company was in New York. It meant shifting not only to other country but altogether to a new continent, where there was no one she could call her own. She was afraid. It was going to be a huge change. It was not until her sandal broke that she realized she had forgotten to put on her shoes for the walk. The path was full of stones and mud. She looked around and found that the forest was really dense there. She removed her sandals and began to walk. It was getting difficult for her now. She stopped and was thinking that should she return back or not, when she heard a slow sound of flowing water. The musical sound drew her towards it and she resumed her walk again.

Stones were now beginning to make their mark on her feet but she continued whatsoever. After a long walk, the darkness started reducing and she saw an opening from the trees. A crystal blue floor caught her attention. She paced faster and when she reached there she was awestruck. A small waterfall had emerged out of the cracks of mountains giving way to the a fast flowing stream. The water was beautifully blue. There were numerous flowers of such amazing colors that her heart felt astonishment and happiness at the same time. She sat down at a rock there and put her feet in the flowing water. It was only when she looked down at her feet, she realised that blood was flowing from many places. The path has pricked and injured them. But she didn’t care, for if she would have gone back, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience this heaven. She was feeling a sense of achievement and pride. She was now ready with her decision. Rosa was going to say ‘YES’ tomorrow!


Look for Higher Purpose!


Placing each finger after a long pause, Raven was thinking, when would the last hour pass. After every word he glanced at the clock. Finally switching off the screen, he laid back on chair and thought ‘Anyways I am going to get salary. There can be no work as uninteresting and meaningless as this!’ Suddenly he saw his manager entering the floor, and number of people dressed in country styled clothes, each carrying boxes, followed him. He jumped in his chair and switched on the screen, pretending to work. The Manager clapped and all heads turned towards him. The silence roared as everyone looked with curiosity towards the strangers. The manager then said aloud with a wide grin “Hey all from Agri-Help App Development team, here are your delighted customers, our very own farmers. They have come here to thank all of you for providing them with such a useful app. Please accept there small gifts of fruits fresh from their farms.” Raven looked with eyes wide open as one of the farmers reached him and gave him the fruit box. The expression of gratitude on the farmer’s face astonished Raven and then slowly, a vivacious bright smile spread on Raven’s face, as if he just now attained enlightenment!

Dedicated to all Job Haters;):)

Hey all! Expecting a quite a large number of audience 🙂 Many of us hate what we are doing! Yes, and that is why I had come to the conclusion most of them hate their lives too!

Now why is that? It is because most of the time we spend on our job or either thinking about our job even at non duty hours. So what we are doing is simply destroying one whole of our lifetime! And I really don’t know if that reincarnation stuff is right ;).

But, most of you will be thinking ‘we cannot leave our jobs, we have to earn our livelihood. How can we survive without doing what we are doing?’. He He! Are you all saying that your profession wasn’t your choice or whether there was no other option available for you to earn your living? Hey people, your profession was your own choice, your own decision, there might be some influencers or enforcers, but the decision was yours. Right? So who is stopping you from changing your own decision. Nobody in the world have that authority!

You are what you choose to become! Once again quoting that famous quote ‘You make your own destiny!’ You all must had have passions in life, before you got into this boring routine life. But passions can not be easily converted into something which will give you great earnings easily and so you all chose a path which was simple. If you could have mustered enough courage to pursue your passion, you wouldn’t have been in this condition, although at time it would have taken a lot of hard work. But that would have been a sure shot success because you become excellent in what you have passion for and remember success always follows excellence!

But, today is present and we all need to try to improve it, for our better future. The path would not be that easy but certainly after that big rough path you will have a smooth road to travel all throughout your life with of course little hiccups which are necessary too 🙂

I would be providing you with all the motivation, encouragement and ways to pursue your passions. Some specific guidance would also be provided relevant to my passions 😉

This all and much more in my next blog. ‘How to leave your job and join your passion!’