For those who want to earn through their passion for WRITING! (Part 2)

Hey extremely sorry for writing this one a little late, got involved with something important. I know you have been waiting for this one, since it is gonna open the door for you to adopt writing as your earning job! Today I will be giving you genuine reviews and opinions of various writing portals through which you can earn. These are my own experiences of-course. Read my previous blog before this one where I have talked about building your portfolio and social presence. Read it at ‘For those who want to earn through their passion for writing (Part 1)’.

Now coming to the point, after creating my background in writing, I searched for various freelancing sites and got various names such as:

1) Freelancer

2) Peopleperhour

3) Upwork

4) Elance

5) Guru

6) Fiverr

7) iFreelance

Remember that this are not chronologically based on their credibility and their services. These are not specifically for writing but offer various fields for freelancing. The first one I tried was Got immediate responses and was awarded an project the very first day. It was long term project where I would have to write article for the client 5 to 6 days of week and it was agreed that maximum would be 4 articles per day. The rate agreed was $1.5 per 500 words. Although, I started getting work immediately from many clients, but the website always made me feel suspicious since the clients were not very professional, nor do they communicated through the website platform or through mails. They communicated through Skype and gave descriptions of the articles to be written. Even the file transfer was through Skype. There was nothing even made official on

But I kept working for them and they told me that they would me paying after a week. And the week came and went away, I kept my patience for 2 more weeks. One of the client’s account was deleted on freelancer and whenever I confronted him on Skype there was no reply! Although one of client paid me through Paypal but that too very late. So in short you are gonna get immediate work on freelancer but there is no guarantee if you will be paid or not.

But I have learnt to never regret anything and the experience made me learn lot of things, like which kind of articles are required to be written, the general defined duration for specific words, the way to escape through Copyscape and many more things! After this experience, I stopped using freelancer. But I wouldn’t recommend you to not even try it. Try it at least for 2-3 weeks. You get work, learn a lot and if you are lucky you will get paid. But please try it as really its an immense learning experience that you will realise later, as I did.

Then there are Upwork and Fiverr. These sites are reliable and good ones but then you have to be good at what you are doing ie. writing in this case, to get work. You need to show creativity here, starting from creating a fabulous profile and bio. This is what will fetch you work. But I didn’t try them much. I started concentrating more on freelancing sites which are specifically for writing. Although I would certainly recommend you to consistently work with 3 sites:

1) Fiverr

2) Upwork

3) Peopleperhour.

Persistence is the key and once you get established in these sites you would be earning really good. doesn’t have much work for writers, so just once in a while browse for jobs here.

Now some really good sites specific for writers:

1) iWriter ( My personal favourite!)

2) Dotwriter


4) Listverse

5) Hubpages

6) Textbroker (only for US citizens)


All of these have different systems of operating, but are really good ones. You can earn a lot even from a single article, but very high quality content is required. The first and second websites are the ones you should really start from. iWriter is simply the best, you never have to worry about payments here! Although there are different levels of writer like standard, premium, elite and elite plus. You would be starting from standard writer and will earn very less amount of money, but you will earn and as you progress slowly to higher levels you will be earning really good. I just love their system and modus operandi. It is a very organised and systematic website. Dotwriter is similar, but has very less amount of article in writer’s pool. You can sell your article on marketplace here too.

I would advice you to work late in nights in IST zone because the articles comes in more numbers during night. Keep a cup of coffee ready and sleep during days. Although I don’t do so myself, I work throughout the day and still earn really good. When I was a standard writer I used to earn about $100 in less than 5 days. I was only working 3-4 hours though. You can earn much more than that. It just depends on your stamina and how long your mind can support you to write quality articles. Don’t keep on writing simply because you want to increase the numbers or earnings. Write till you give quality stuff because the reviews will affect your ratings. Now I am a premium writer and earn pretty good!

I love writing in early morning hours. Even if I ddin’t get articles on iWriter, I always invest certain amount of time daily to my own blog. You have to invest in yourself everyday. Don’t let your portfolio go down anytime. Keep working on it continuously. So these were some of the tips and reviews of freelancing websites. I would keep on giving you more tips on the writing stuff whenever I will find more.

Just keep following! 🙂

Oh I forgot to give you some homework I wanted to: Research about every website I gave you today. Read there reviews from other sources as well and make accounts on every website you think are worthy of. Please do it before I publish my next blog. I am really strict about this! ;):)

* Even before doing the homework I am advising you to first and foremost register yourself on iWriter (This is my recommendation for all beginners!)

For those who want to earn through their passion for WRITING! (Part 1)

Hey, today I am going to provide you with some insights and tips on how to carry your passion for writing, one level higher and to earn through it. This blog is going to be a little longer, but read it till end.:) Read my previous blogs before reading this one:

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2) How to leave your job and join your passion? (Part 1)

3) How to leave your job and join your passion? (Part 2)

Ok, so whatever you love to write let it be articles, stories, blogs and so on, basically it should show that you have capability of a writer. You have a good grasp of the language, its grammar and spellings. And most importantly you should be an avid reader. You should keep yourself surrounded by world of knowledge by reading a lot. It will boost your imagination and creativity too. If you don’t have the above qualities then start developing them, if you really want to make writing as your career.

Earning through writing, by only writing in a niche is surely the way, but its not the way to start your career as writer. You may have to write on any weird topics and boring ones too, like review on a fishing reel or a business plan of truck shop in your initial days. This is when your writing skills get tested. You love writing well and good, because than you won’t find yourself lethargic towards developing some skills too. And no need to join courses and classes for it, Internet is what you all can turn to, for help. Read tutorial books on writing, and keep on reading more stuff, any field, any topic. Because, some or the other day, it will certainly be helping you. Read some good quality blogs and articles. Read about some great writers and their work. Even if you don’t grasp and retain the topic info, at least it will help you improve your language and writing style. This regimen will also require you, to write more and more. Write on different topics, let it be of your interests, just write, because writing will enforce the skills you are learning.

This was all about improving your skills. Now lets start about, how to make yourself established in the world of professional writing. The very first step, as I have mentioned in previous blogs too, is creating your portfolio! Now how can you do this? Its very simple, start your own blog. You can start it on various blogging platforms like e-blogger, Tumblr or even your own website. Having your own website is the best option, if you are thinking for long term. It would need a web hosting domain and a website buyout, not much of an expense, some comes at very cheap prices too. But even if you are not ready for investing, then the blogging platforms are not a bad idea too to start with. I myself had my first blog on Tumblr. Its a great blogging platform giving you lots of customisation control on your style and the best part I like is there would be no advertisements shown on your blog.

Now you can blog about a particular niche or on variety of topics. But I would recommend to keep your window slightly large because this point you are master of no one field. But if you are, well and good, just start writing. Always make sure to make the blog engaging and such that the readers would like to come back again and again. But do not concentrate too much on making followers, you may have none tot. Its not a cause to worry! You simply have to deliver quality stuffs. Because this is going to be in your portfolio and the reviewers are going to look certainly at your work! This is what I have experienced myself.Blogging is a time consuming stuff, because you have to show some really quality stuff and in more number they are, it is better. I kept blogging for about nearly 3 months before starting as professional writer.

And one more thing that you need is, to make yourself very existing and active on social media. Create your own brand. I had this very opportunity because I already had an online fashion store called ‘Playfully Bold’  and I used this brand name for creating my presence online particularly on Twitter and Facebook.

Be consistent, tweet and post daily about the topics you are interested in and are blogging about. Learn some tips and toes of tweeting like how to include proper hashtags, tweet about trending topics and much more on various tutorials available online. Always try to post and tweet something interesting and engaging, and you will gain followers very quickly. I got my first 300 followers within 30 days. You would also, believe me. Be on Instagram and Pinterest too. Create an online page about you on sites such as I have one there. Induce it as your signature in your e mails and just provide its link to somebody who wants to know about you.

This all tips for social media can be even followed if you even just want to establish yourself here. I would even recommend short courses on website like You will get some of them even free!

Becoming successful on social media is really a way to showcase your personality and reviewers would be surely looking at it! I really had to start from a zero in social media because I didn’t even have a Facebook account then! If you want to go one step ahead then you can use Youtube as well, for introducing each of your blog or even talking about some interesting topics.

Now, this was about establishing your portfolio and marketing yourself on social media. The next step is to start freelancing. There are various good websites for it. We will discuss freelancing and some good websites for writers in our next blog. I think it is getting a big longer. I will publish it as soon as possible, so that your link doesn’t break. Keep following me! 🙂